revenue management predictions

The numbers are in—we’ve got some early data on demand for vacation rentals in 2022. See how LOS, booking windows and ADRs are tracking so far.

listing quality score and unsellable nights

Can’t make heads or tails of your property data in RU Data Studio? Let us help. We’ve added two new metrics to our Property Health Cards that will help you understand your property insights, take action and instantly increase your performance on sales channels. Find out how keeping an eye on your listings’ Quality Score and Unsellable Nights allows you to skyrocket your properties’ potential for conversions.

RU Data Studio Property Health Cards

Need a quick and efficient way to identify which of your listings need work and what adjustments you need to make to improve your conversion rate? We’ve just released a new tool that does exactly that. Forget about time-consuming manual audits – with this tool, you’ll have more time to focus on actions that positively impact your business.


Spain’s travel recovery is underway. We looked at booking data from 5 Spanish regions – Catalonia, Madrid, Andalusia, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands – and spotted trends in booking windows and top-performing channels. Here’s how each region is recovering and what you can do to optimise your channel distribution to capture pent-up demand.

Airbnb pricing strategy

Setting rates for your Airbnb properties shouldn’t be a shot in the dark. Here are three ways to perfect your Airbnb pricing strategy and increase your revenue.