How is your country performing? We looked at the booking data in eight counties – Spain, United Kingdom, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, USA and Australia – and spotted trends in booking window, length of stay and top-performing niche channels. Here is how each country is performing, with data insights from Rentals United Data Studio.

google vacation rentals – how to get listed and bookable

Listing your vacation rentals on Google is a fantastic opportunity to get commission-free direct bookings. And, thanks to our latest Google connection update, property managers with 200+ rentals can now send traffic from Google to their own website. Learn how Google includes vacation rentals in their travel search inventory and how you can get listed and bookable with Rentals United.


Rentals United becomes the first European channel manager to integrate with Homes & Villas by Marriott International channel.

vacation rental webinars may 2021

Are you looking to learn from experts and discover new trends in the short-term rental industry? Here’s our selection of vacation rental webinars taking place from the end of April through to the end of May.

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Membership only OTAs are quickly becoming a guest favourite. Find out why they are popular right now, as well as exclusive insights from Golightly and Bidroom on why membership models are different from typical OTAs and why property managers should consider getting listed on them.

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What are the benefits of being your own Merchant of Record? Should you outsource it to your channel MoR? And what’s the role of your channel manager in all this? In this article, you’ll find out everything you need to know to help you make the right decisions for your business.

Vrtech connect online networking event

After our very first online event last month, VRTECH Connect is back for round 2. You’re invited to hang out with industry peers after work, talk about tech innovations, listen to startup pitches, chat about business strategies and marketing tactics, and take part in a speedy job fair. Here are all the details.


Frontdesk is a tech-enabled URBAN short-term rental management company with an ambitious plan to double their inventory this year. Discover their secrets for growth and how they are planning to scale their inventory.

Top beach and ski vacation rental websites

Are you looking to improve the marketing of your beach houses or ski chalets? Here’s our guide to the best channels to get listed on for property managers with units in ski resorts and beach destinations. By advertising on these channels, you’ll capture the pent-up demand for beach and ski getaways and start boosting your occupancy and revenue.

domestic travellers

Domestic tourism is already exhibiting its prominence in 2021; we see upward trends in length of stay, booking windows and average booking price. Take advantage of this trend and start marketing to domestic travellers rather than international travellers and gain that competitive edge through these coming months.