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Trusted community to easily list, promote and book amazing accommodation

TravelStaytion has a portfolio of over 60,000 properties in worldwide destinations and over 25,000 customers


Benefits of connecting to Travelstaytion via Rentals United


Automatic Upload

Complete sync to add properties effortlessly


Automatic Update

Sync rates, availability, photos & property info


Advanced Options

2-Way connection, Markup, Changeover days and more

TravelStaytion TravelStaytion TravelStaytion

Service Features

  • We create new properties on TravelStaytion for you
  • 2-Way connection: a booking or a cancellation updates calendar everywhere
  • Full Connection: rates, availability and property information update

Key Info

Category Vacation rental site
Service Release Date 2013
Headquarter Location London, GB
Minimum properties required 1
Website Visit now
Pricing model Commission based
Commission 15% taken from the rates pushed by Rentals United
What is synced Rates, Availability, Bookings, Photos, Property Info
Onboarding time 1 week
Minimum requirements Minimum Content Quality required. Contact us for more info

How it Works

  1. Upload your properties to Rentals United. Add them manually or via PMS/API sync. Go to Services and add TravelStaytion
  2. Follow the Checklist with detailed instructions. Create an account and sign your agreement with TravelStaytion
  3. Activate Connection. Your properties will be uploaded via API by Rentals United
  4. Your rates, calendars and property info, including photos and amenities, will update automatically

The Origins of TravelStaytion

Amid the deep Greek financial crisis in 2011, Jason Anastasinis created a platform that both provided a superior experience for travelers and helped property owners generate additional revenue streams during challenging economic times.

Sparked by the beauty of Greece and the realities of the real estate market crisis, Anastasinis conceived the concept for The platform differs from other peer-to-peer property-sharing platforms by offering an accommodation experience on par with luxury hotel standards.  It is officially launched in October 2012.

Delivering a “home away from home” experience was the driving force behind the TravelStaytion brand. The company’s fresh approach and entrepreneurial spirit garnered attention, with the renowned Guardian newspaper featuring the platform’s story just months after launch.

Made by Professionals, Designed for Quality Seekers

In 2019, TravelStaytion created a hub exclusively for professionally managed properties from verified hosts and property managers. Accompanying the new look was the introduction of the innovative Host Reception feature, which allowed hosts to showcase the full range of their offered services.

Travelstaytion today

TravelStaytion has expanded its collection to include more than 85,000 outstanding properties across over 650 global destinations. Over recent years, the company has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional service by partnering exclusively with verified, highly professional property owners and managers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets TravelStaytion apart from other holiday rental platforms?

TravelStaytion is truly traveler-first, community-centric, and technology-led. The platform prioritizes guest needs, works closely with professional property managers and owners, and leverages innovative technology to deliver exceptional stays at scale. TravelStaytion believes that vacation rentals should offer a consistent, luxury experience on par with top hotels.

What kind of properties are listed on TravelStaytion?

TravelStaytion exclusively features professionally managed and verified holiday rental properties, including apartments, villas, and private residences.

How does TravelStaytion ensure consistent quality standards?

TravelStaytion maintains stringent standards by carefully vetting and working only with professional property managers and hosts. The platform’s close partnerships allow TravelStaytion to monitor and uphold quality. TravelStaytion offers training and support to help hosts deliver exceptional guest experiences.