Specialized Channel Manager for Holidu

Connect with new travellers from Holidu, the booking platform for vacation rentals

Start advertising your properties on Holidu, the Munich-based price comparison specialist for short-term rentals. Our advanced Channel Manager for Holidu listings allows you to add new properties in a few easy steps, sync existing listings and updates changes in rates, availability and property information. Your Holidu bookings and cancellations will update calendars across all connected listing sites.


Benefits of advertising on Holidu with Rentals United Channel Manager


Automatic Upload

Add new properties in just a few clicks


Automatic Update

Complete Sync to add new inventory effortlessly


Advanced Options

2-Way sync, Markup, Price per Night and more

Holidu Holidu Holidu

Key Connection Features

  • Rentals United will create new properties on Holidu for you
  • 2-Way Connection: bookings & cancellations from Holidu will update your availability everywhere
  • Rentals United will update your rates, availability and property info. Full sync Channel Manager for Holidu listings.

Key Info

Category Search Engine
Headquarter Location Munich, DE
Minimum properties required 5
Website Visit now
Pricing model Commission based
Commission 15% of base price (excluding extra costs)
What is synced Rates, Availability, Bookings, Photos, Property Info
Onboarding time 7 days
Minimum requirements Minimum Content Quality required. Contact us for more info

How does the Channel Manager for Holidu work?

  1. Upload your properties to Rentals United. Add them manually or via PMS/API sync. Go to Services and add Holidu
  2. Follow the Checklist with detailed instructions. Please note that you need a minimum of 10 properties to connect to Holidu
  3. Activate Connection! If you're new to Holidu, your properties will be uploaded via API by Rentals United
  4. Your rates, calendars and property info, including photos and amenities, will update automatically
  5. Get your first booking! Rentals United will send you the booking notification email
  6. Arrange arrival details with your guests and charge the booking payment
  7. After departure, Holidu will send out a review request to the guest

The Origins: Holidu’s Founding Story

The roots of Holidu are traced back to the entrepreneurial spirit of brothers Johannes and Michael Siebers. Having a background in international business and technical expertise, respectively, the duo shared a vision of creating a seamless and convenient way for travelers to discover and book a perfect vacation rental.

Recognizing the fragmentation and complexity of the vacation rental market, the Siebers brothers saw an opportunity to leverage technology to simplify the search process for users. In 2014, Siebers leaped and established Holidu.

The Munich-based startup Holidu has quickly become a leading vacation rental search and booking platform. Holidu attracts millions of travelers worldwide by combining advanced technology, strategic partnerships, and a customer-centric philosophy. Holidu has secured over $120 million in funding and positioned the company for continued success in the dynamic vacation rental market.

The Core Product: Holidu’s Meta-Search Engine

Holidu’s meta-search engine scours over 1,000 travel sites and property managers to provide users with a view of more than 15 million vacation rental properties worldwide. The company’s innovative approach eliminates the need to switch from multiple platforms, saving time and effort while securing the best available deals for travelers.

What sets Holidu apart is the platform’s proprietary image recognition technology. The technology analyzes listing images and property details, boasts an impressive 95% accuracy rate in identifying and de-duplicating listings, and ensures customers see the lowest available prices without duplicates cluttering the search results.

Expanding Horizons: The Bookiply Subsidiary

Holidu’s meta-search engine caters to travelers, but the company recognized the need to support vacation rental property owners and managers too. In 2016, Holidu launched the subsidiary Bookiply, a software-and-service solution designed to help property owners maximize bookings and streamline operations.

Through Bookiply, Holidu has become the largest supplier of vacation rentals in popular European leisure destinations, like the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, and Sardinia, underscoring the company’s commitment to serving travelers and property owners alike.

Agility and Innovation

As travel restrictions and lockdowns around COVID-19 impacted the broader market, Holidu saw an initial decline in bookings. The company quickly responded to shifting traveler behavior by introducing flexible cancellation policies and tailoring offerings to accommodate the booming demand for domestic and rural getaways.

Holidu’s nimble approach paid off, as the platform’s search engine business became operationally profitable during the pandemic. In July 2020 alone, the platform saw over 27 million travelers, resulting in a staggering 2.6x year-over-year growth in bookings and generating over €130 million in new bookings.

Fueling Growth: Investment and Expansion

In 2019, Holidu secured a €40 million Series C funding round, led by Prime Ventures and other prominent investors.

The funding was further bolstered in 2020 with a €5 million extension, including a €4 million private investment from Kees Koolen, the former CEO of Booking.com. As a result, Holidu has accelerated product development, expanded teams, and solidified partnerships with online travel agencies and property managers.

One of Holidu’s key growth strategies is expansion into the United States market. With the appointment of Stephen Thresh, a seasoned industry veteran with over 18 years of experience at Booking.com, Holidu is poised to replicate the company’s European success in the lucrative American vacation rental market.

Commitment to Sustainability and Customer Satisfaction

Growth and profitability are essential for businesses, but Holidu’s CEO, Johannes Siebers, emphasizes the company’s commitment to building a sustainable and customer-centric organization. The approach permeates every aspect of Holidu’s operations, from providing exceptional service and value to travelers, to supporting and empowering property owners through Bookiply.

By fostering a strong team culture and maintaining a laser focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences, Holidu has achieved financial success and earned customer trust and loyalty.

Partnerships and Strategic Alliances

Holidu’s success is also attributable to the company’s strong partnerships with leading online travel agencies (OTAs) and property managers. Holidu collaborates with industry giants, such as Booking.com, Vrbo, and HomeAway, to expand inventory and reach and provide access to an unparalleled selection of vacation rentals.

The Future of Vacation Rentals: Holidu’s Vision

Holidu focuses on sustainabilityuser-friendly technologies, and personalized service. The company plans to continue leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize search results and explore new business models and partnerships, Holidu remains committed to innovation and customer satisfaction, guaranteeing that the company prevails to be a driving force in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Holidu ensure accurate and up-to-date listing information?

Holidu leverages a proprietary image recognition technology, combined with manual reviews, to accurately identify and de-duplicate listings across various platforms. The technology ensures that customers access the most current and reliable information without the clutter of duplicates or outdated listings.

What sets Holidu apart from other vacation rental platforms?

Holidu’s unique combination of a comprehensive meta-search engine, cutting-edge technology, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to customer satisfaction sets the platform apart in the vacation rental market. The company’s ability to provide travelers with access to millions of properties while supporting property owners through Bookiply creates a win-win ecosystem for all stakeholders.

Does Holidu operate globally, or is it focused on specific regions?

Holidu mostly operates in Europe. Yet, the company has set its sights on global expansion. With a dedicated focus on the US market and partnerships with major OTAs worldwide, Holidu is rapidly expanding to cater to travelers across the globe.

What is Holidu’s approach to sustainability and social responsibility?

Holidu’s CEO, Johannes Siebers, has emphasized the company’s commitment to building a sustainable and socially responsible organization. The approach includes fostering a strong team culture, providing exceptional customer experiences, and exploring sustainable business practices that positively impact the communities in which Holidu operates.