E-domizil offers more than 450.000 vacation rentals all over the world: Ski lodges in the well-known resorts of the Alps for your winter holiday, or a summer house by the beach or lakeside.

E-domizil is an affiliate partner of HomeToGo. Connect to HomeToGo within the Rentals United platform to list your properties on E-domizil.


HomeToGo’s Service Features

  • We create new properties on e-domizil for you
  • Bookings from e-domizil update your availability everywhere.
  • Full Connection: we update your rates, availability and property info on e-domizil

Key Info for e-domizil (Affiliate of HomeToGo)

Category Vacation rental site
Minimum properties required 10
Website Visit now
Pricing model Commission based
Commission 15% of booking total
What is synced Bookings, Calendar, Prices, Photos, Property info
Onboarding time 1 week
Minimum requirements Minimum Content Quality required. Contact us for more info

e-domizil, affiliate of HomeToGo

The Rise of e-domizil

e-domizil is a vacation rental booking site based in Frankfurt, Germany. The company was founded in 2001 with the vision of simplifying the process of booking vacation rentals for travelers. Over the years, e-domizil became a trusted platform, offering a vast suite of vacation rental properties across Europe. e-domizil’s success can be attributed to the platform’s user-friendly website, extensive inventory, and ability to cater to the increasing demand for alternative accommodations.

HomeToGo, a leading vacation rental metasearch platform, recently acquired e-domizil. The acquisition is a strategic move for HomeToGo as the company shifts towards a marketplace strategy that combines “onsite” bookings and “offsite” metasearch referrals to partner sites.

Key Milestones

  • 2001: e-domizil is founded as a vacation rental booking site.
  • 2005: The company expanded operations to include international destinations.
  • 2014: e-domizil launched a mobile app, allowing travelers to book on the go.
  • 2019: The Frankfurt-based company GENUI acquired e-domizil.
  • 2021: e-domizil generated a booking revenue of more than €20 million, demonstrating the company’s profitability.
  • 2022: HomeToGo acquired e-domizil for approximately €40 million.

e-domizil’s Business Model

e-domizil operates on a fully onsite booking model, which means travelers complete bookings directly on the website or mobile app. The model differed from the traditional metasearch approach, where travelers are redirected to partner sites to finalize bookings.

e-domizil aims to establish direct relationships with property managers and homeowners. The company offers business owners a platform to list vacation rental properties. e-domizil generates revenue through commissions charged on each booking made through the platform.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Inventory: e-domizil offers a selection of vacation rental properties, from apartments and villas to chalets and cottages.
  • Fully Onsite Booking: Travelers book directly on the e-domizil platform, providing a seamless experience.
  • Property Manager Partnerships: e-domizil works closely with property managers, offering a channel to market their properties and increase occupancy rates.
  • Mobile App: The e-domizil mobile app allows travelers to search, compare, and book vacation rentals in real time.

e-domizil’s Impact on HomeToGo

  • Onsite Booking Capabilities: e-domizil’s fully onsite booking model and relationships with property managers are pegged to strengthen HomeToGo’s onsite booking capabilities, allowing the platform to capture more value per transaction.
  • European Expansion: e-domizil’s presence in Europe is expected to fuel HomeToGo’s regional expansion, providing access to new markets and customer segments.
  • Increased Booking Revenue: The acquisition of e-domizil’s more than €20 million booking revenue from 2021 seeks to contribute to HomeToGo’s top-line performance and support the platform’s growth objectives.

Challenges and Opportunities

The acquisition presents opportunities for HomeToGo, but the company faces challenges integrating e-domizil’s operations and ensuring a seamless transition for property managers and travelers. HomeToGo needs to address the skepticism surrounding the viability of onsite bookings in the vacation rental industry, where facilitated bookings have struggled in other travel verticals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is e-domizil?

e-domizil is a vacation rental booking site based in Frankfurt, Germany. e-domizil operates a fully onsite booking model, allowing travelers to complete bookings directly on the platform.

Why did HomeToGo acquire e-domizil?

HomeToGo acquired e-domizil to shift towards a hybrid model that combines onsite bookings and metasearch referrals. The acquisition provides HomeToGo access to e-domizil’s property manager relationships and a foothold in the European vacation rental market.

How will the acquisition impact HomeToGo’s operations?

The acquisition aims to strengthen HomeToGo’s onsite booking capabilities, contribute to its top-line performance through e-domizil’s booking revenue, and enable further expansion in the European market.

What challenges does HomeToGo face with the acquisition?

HomeToGo faces integration challenges and skepticism surrounding the viability of onsite bookings in the vacation rental industry, where facilitated bookings have struggled in other travel verticals.

What is the significance of e-domizil’s onsite booking model?

e-domizil’s fully onsite booking model allowed travelers to complete bookings directly on the platform, differing from the traditional metasearch approach where travelers are redirected to partner sites. e-domizil’s model aligns with HomeToGo’s shift towards onsite bookings.