Free Course: 7 steps to a successful Airbnb business

From Airbnb beginner to master!

Airbnb is the world’s most famous booking site for vacation rentals. And this 7-step Airbnb course will take you from Airbnb beginner to master! You’ll learn the basics of Airbnb hosting, and get the tools you need to get more bookings and increase your profits.

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If you’re already hosting on Airbnb or reflecting on your first listing, this is gold.

Lesson 1 dives you into why Airbnb is your go-to, breaks down the fees and policies, and gives you a handy setup checklist to stay on the right side of the law and build a solid Airbnb hustle.

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With over 7.7 million listings and 5 million hosts on Airbnb, it’s a fierce battleground.

But fear not, in Lesson 2, we’ll arm you with the artillery needed to shine amidst the competition.

From polishing your listing to utilizing our Check My Listing tool for free, and leveraging our Powerhost perks for consistent quality, we’ve got your back.

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Nailing the price is your golden ticket to making bank all year round.

In Lesson 3, we’ll dive deep into the art of pricing smart. From understanding market trends to sizing up your competitors, we’ll equip you with the tools needed to stay ahead of the game.

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Maintaining your vacation rental is not just about fixing leaks and tidying up.

Lesson 4 is your go-to guide for keeping your property in top-notch shape. From prepping it for guests to eco-friendly tweaks, we’re covering all bases.

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If you want to keep guests coming back and cashing in on higher rates, you’ve got to aim higher.

Lesson 5 is all about leveling up your hosting game. From mastering the art of hosting to unlocking the perks of being a Superhost, we’re giving you the keys to success.

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Reviews can make or break your bookings.

In Lesson 6, we’re diving into the art of stellar reviews. From snagging those coveted 5-stars to turning negatives into positives, we’re showing you how to climb the ranks and keep guests coming back for more.

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Don’t settle for just one stream of income.

Lesson 7 is your ticket to expanding your empire beyond Airbnb. From tapping into major platforms to finding niche channels tailored to your business, we’re unlocking the doors to more profits. Plus, we’ll spill the beans on direct booking hacks and powerful tools like Powerhost to take your business to the next level.

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