The most powerful vacation rental API. Enhance your software with Rentals United.

Use Rentals United’s vacation rental API to handle 100% of your business distribution with confidence.

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Rentals United’s API in action

Rentals United’s API in action
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        <Step ID="1" Name="Feasibility study">
            <StepItem ID="1">Study developer portal</StepItem>
            <StepItem ID="2">Review certification scope</StepItem>
            <StepItem ID="3">Model your integration</StepItem>
            <StepItem ID="4">Ask questions</StepItem/>
        <Step ID="2" Name="Contract & Account setup">
            <StepItem ID="5">Contact us</StepItem>
            <StepItem ID="6">Sign a contract </StepItem>
            <StepItem ID="7">Sign up an account</StepItem>
        <Step ID="3" Name="Integration">
            <StepItem ID="8">Code</StepItem>
            <StepItem ID="9">Log everything</StepItem>
            <StepItem ID="10">Ask for support</StepItem>
            <StepItem ID="11">Test yourself</StepItem>
        <Step ID="4" Name="Certification">
            <StepItem ID="12">Prepare the use cases</StepItem>
            <StepItem ID="13">Schedule a certification session</StepItem>
            <StepItem ID="14">Get certified</StepItem>
        <Step ID="5" Name="Soft-launch">
            <StepItem ID="15">Onboard the first client</StepItem>
            <StepItem ID="16">Watch & react</StepItem>
            <StepItem ID="17">Fix bugs</StepItem>
        <Step ID="6" Name="Go">
            <StepItem ID="18">Onboard clients</StepItem>
            <StepItem ID="19">Monitor and support</StepItem>

Vacation rental API built by developers, for developers

Need a custom solution for your company's specific method of working? No problem. Rentals United’s API is 100% backwards compatible, the most robust and exhaustive vacation rental API on the market. Invest in the connection now and reap the rewards for years to come.

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Why you need Rentals United’s vacation rental API

Go lean

Go lean

Code one API to manage all of your vacation rental listing sites. No more updating, bug fixing, coding or cross-checking with our 100% backward compatible API.
Gain reach

Gain reach

We funnel more than 200 million API calls monthly and 150 complex connections to allow our partners to connect with OTAs, rank better and increase their conversions.
Integrate external tools

Integrate external tools

Be it dynamic pricing or payment providers, you can easily integrate other tools into your platform. Find them in our vacation rental connected services.
Stay up-to-date

Stay up-to-date

Our tech team invests a lot of time and effort into making sure that property managers who partner with us always have access to the latest tools and services available in the vacation rental industry.
Fail-Safe Security

Fail-Safe Security

Rentals United is fully PCI, DSS and GDPR compliant. Our software goes through a rigorous quality assurance process before being deployed to production.
No oversights

No oversights

We log all your API calls as a precaution in case you need to review anything.
Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Each API partnership goes through a certification process to make sure business and revenue streams can follow.

Full Channel Management API

Rentals United API covers the entire distribution cycle. From uploading property information into Rentals United through retrieving channel connection status to managing price markup per property and channel basis. All using just API connection.
Avg API response time:
55 msec
API calls per minute
10 000
API partners using Rentals United daily:
Average time to complete the connection (incl. certification):
3 weeks


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In most cases, we ask you to connect to ours (typically it takes around 3 weeks for an experienced programmer to implement).