Top 5 Vacation Rental Welcome Apps

Are you using a welcome app for your vacation rentals yet? Today they’re used both for self-check-in guests and when you do physical check-ins… why? Because they can earn you extra cash on tours and services & (more importantly!) because guests love the convenience of them: Welcome Apps provides them with all the property’ instructions, plus area guides and access to tours & services. Read-on for some of the best vacation rental welcome apps out there.

1. Guidal by Vreasy


Guidal is a customisable e-concierge tool that adapts to match the brand and business of the property manager that uses it. It serves as a platform to communicate, provide booking information to the guest as well as local, personalised information about the property and area.

Guests can then book services, curated and managed by Vreasy in key locations: Barcelona, Rome, Amsterdam, London, Crete, Lisbon, Paris, and Florence. Outside of these locations, property managers can use Guidal to provide their own services.

What guests will see on their vacation rental welcome apps:

  • Guest’s booking info
  • Concierge services
  • House manual
  • Local attractions
  • Things to Do
  • Directions

Guidal is given free of charge to all property managers that use Vreasy PMS and is then automatically customised to each guest. The owner will receive 50% of the Vreasy commission.

If you are working with another PMS you can still sign up for Guidal. The costs depend on the amount of properties you manage and are based on a per month/per property range.

1-20 €4.00
21-50 €3.00
51-100 €2.00
100+ €1.50


Touchstay allows you to provide your guests with all your property and area information directly on their phone or tablet. With Touchstay’s software, you are able to design your own digital welcome book. By making use of TouchStay’s programme you are able to add anything you want such as tips, rules, pictures etc.

Don’t have the time? No worries, Touchstay has options to take over most of the work for you. All the guest has to do is open the link that will be sent via email. Pricing depends on the amount of properties and starts at $1 per month per property.

What guests will see on their vacation rental welcome apps:

  • Adding attractions with Google Places
  • Adding your suggestions with Tripadvisor Reviews
  • Adding practical information for relaxed guests

3. Yoomondo


Yoomondo is a digital welcome tablet and app for Airbnb and Holiday Rental owners that guests can use to discover and book local activities recommended by the accomodation provider. Don’t have a spare tablet for guests? Yoomondo rents them out! The goal is to get travellers inspired by enabling them to easily book local activities and services. Guests get access thanks to a unique 5-digit code.

Cost is 10 euros per month and the following features are included:

  • Personal guest mobile app (Iphone & android)
  • Tablet app
  • Hostapp
  • Setup assistance (and every subscription starts with a 30-day free trial)

What guests will see on their vacation rental welcome apps:

  • Welcome video
  • Customised map
  • Property info & events
  • Local events

4. Yourwelcome

Yourwelcome is a tablet for hosts that makes it possible to convey all necessary information about your property and the surrounding environment to guests. When subscribing to YourWelcome, you receive a tablet and get access to the YourWelcome web portal on which you can customise your tablet from your own computer.

You can either rent the tablet for 6 months (€49.99) or 12 months (€89.99). A notification will be send to you as soon as the guest arrives. Concerned about what happens whenever the tablet gets lost, stolen or damaged? No worries, a replacement will be send.

What guests will see on their vacation rental welcome apps:

  • Capture check ins
  • Information about your property and the local area
  • Selling your own services
  • Interactive house guides
  • Interactive house guides
  • Guests can book and pay for taxis, takeaways and tickets to nearby attractions


With Hostfully you can make professional online guidebooks for your home sharing needs. You can share all aspects of your home, give recommendations, upload photo’s, videos etc. It works on every device and every platform, and it’s free! The guidebook can be shared either digital or printed with whomever you’d like. You can edit and make changes at any time.

What guests will see on their vacation rental welcome apps:

  • Informing your guests with the basics
  • Check in/ Check out information
  • Wifi name and password
  • Sharing recommendations
  • Sharing all aspects of the property (how to use the washing machine, TV etc).
  • Providing guests with photo’s and video’s

Are using a different welcome app? Please tell us in the comments below!

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  • thanks for the info and I like most of these applications is 5 yoomondo because it helped me a lot in running the business accommodation rental services provider.