Meilleur Gestionnaire de Canaux pour HomeAway

Le logiciel en ligne leader du marché dans le secteur de la location saisonnière

Avec plus de 2 millons de propriétés dans 180 pays, HomeAway est le site pour réserver la location de vacances idéale. En utilisant Rentals United en tant que channel manager pour vous connecter à HomeAway, vous pouvez distribuer vos annonces automatiquement: Commencez par ajouter vos propriétés ou synchronisez vos annonces éxistantes. Le channel manager va actualiser vos contenus automatiquement en incluant les tarifs, calendriers, réservations et annulations.


Bénéfices de se connecter à HomeAway depuis Rentals United


Partenariat préférentiel

Nous sommes reconnus en tant que Partenaire Préférentiel


Mise à jour automatique

Prix, disponibilités, photos et descriptons


Synchronisation complete

Vos annonces sont créées sans efforts


  • Support prioritaire avec l'équipe HomeAway.
  • Les changements seront tirés par Abritel á Rentals United et affichés après 24 heures.
  • Le tarif par nuit s'applique au modèle d'HomeAway « Modèle de prix garanti "(Meilleur emplacement)
  • Connexion dans les 2 sens: Une nouvelle réservation ou une annulation actualise tous vos calendriers.
  • Possibilité de définir différents arrhes uniquement pour Abritel.

Infos importantes

CategorieVacation rental site
Service Release Date2000
Adresse du siège socialAustin, us
Languages supported
Nombre de propriétés en ligne
Nombre minimum de propriétés1
Site internetVoir le site!
Modèle de prixInscription et commissionnement sur réservation
Commissionnement5% sur le total de la réservation en ce qui concerne le commissionnement
Ce qui est synchroniséDisponibilités, tarifs, Réservations, Informations des propriétés, fotos
Temps de connexion2 á 6 semaines
Mimimum de qualitéQualité de contenu minimale requise. Contactez nous pour plus d'informations
Sites in network

Comment ça marche?

  1. Ajoutez vos propriétés sur Rentals United manuellement ou via la synchronisation PMS / API. Allez sur "services" et ajoutez HomeAway.
  2. Suivez les instructions détaillées de notre liste de contrôle. Veuillez noter que vous avez besoin d'un minimum de 5 propriétés pour pouvoir vous connecter.
  3. Nous vous fournissons la formation HomeAway. Au cours du premier mois du contrat, vous aurez 3 appels avec un spécialiste en intégration.
  4. Une fois la connexion terminée, vos tarifs, calendriers, réservations et annulations seront actualisés une fois par jour.
  5. HomeAway vous enverra les demandes de réservations sur votre tableau de bord Rentals United. Vous pouvez-y répondre par email.

Why choose the Rentals United vacation rental channel manager

The Rentals United-Vrbo connection is the most robust on the market and the gold standard in the vacation rental industry. 

Our direct API integration is at the highest technical level and continuously updated with the latest features and functionalities offered by Vrbo. It’s optimised for conversions, the vacation rental listings Rentals United distributes to Vrbo perform exceedingly well. 

Instead of laggy iCal connections, choose a robust vacation rental software with reliable connectivity to grow your vacation rental business.

This is what the Rentals United-Vrbo connection includes:

1. Update all key property details

  • Add image captions to optimise your listing for conversions. 

  • Add all available amenities, including new amenities to help build travellers trust during COVID-19.

  • Add a list of beds per room, so guests can see which bed is in which room. 

2. Update your policies

  • Choose one of Vrbo’s pre-defined cancellation policies or set up a custom cancellation policy.

  • Set up a payment schedule that works for your business and matches your cancellation policy. Specify the percentage you want to charge as a down-payment at the time of booking and decide when you want to charge the remaining amount. 

  • Set up a minimum advance notice to prevent last-minute or same-day bookings.

3. Update your rates and availability

  • Update your rates and availability instantly thanks to Vrbo’s latest Push Service. Unlike other Vrbo connections where Vrbo updates in 1-4 hourly intervals, Rentals United syncs your data in under 5 minutes.

  • Guests prefer to see the same consistent rate from search to checkout. Add all your extra fees in Rentals United and send your final price to Vrbo. Price Consistency attracts more bookings and increases your conversion rate.

  • Take advantage of extensive fee and tax configurations. Set up LOS discounts to attract mid to long-term bookings, select changeover dates and specify a minimum stay. 

How to rank higher on Vrbo and increase your bookings

Vrbo has developed an algorithm called Best Match, which determines a listing’s ranking based on its performance.

In order to rank high on Vrbo, you must:

  • Focus on high content quality. Your listing content must be comprehensive and accurate. Vrbo has very strict requirements for image quality: the photos of your vacation home must be at least 1024x768 pixels. 

  • Avoid cancelling bookings. All Vrbo bookings you receive through Rentals United are Instant Bookings, meaning they have to be accepted. Be sure not to cancel too many bookings, because if you do, not only your listing but your entire account with all your listings will drop in rankings.

  • Collect more than 5 reviews. The more positive reviews you get, the higher your listings will rank on Vrbo. 

  • Respond to guest inquiries within 15 minutes. Response time is an important factor in determining your ranking. You will receive both Instant Bookings and Inquiries from Vrbo in Rentals United. However, please note that Rentals United does not integrate any other guest communication with Vrbo. To review your messages, you need to sign in to your account.

Other ranking factors include having an accurate calendar and pricing for the next 12 months, having a high average review rating and more. 

About Vrbo

Vrbo is Expedia Group’s vacation rental brand. The global vacation rental marketplace gets over 15.9M unique visitors a month. Property managers who advertise on Vrbo can also reach the 730M monthly unique visitors who visit Expedia Group’s global family of sites.

Vrbo not only gives you extensive visibility, but it also helps you attract more high-value guests. When compared with Expedia Group’s portfolio of brands, Vrbo attracts guests who spend 5 times more and stay 3 times longer than other travellers. What’s more, guests who book on Vrbo receive an average overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

With more than 2M listings worldwide, Vrbo caters to families and groups of friends, as well as older and more affluent travellers.

Connect directly to Vrbo through Rentals United to automatically sync your reservations, rates, photos, amenities and more. Plus, get support from teams dedicated to integrated property managers.


Yes. You can make changes directly in Rentals United, whether you or the guest want to cancel or modify a reservation. Most distribution channels require you to log into their extranet to modify reservations, but for Vrbo, you can do it straight from Rentals United.