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The Dyrt is a booking platform dedicated to providing the perfect vacation in the US for experienced campers, with more than 30 million visitors annually, the Dyrt is a great opportunity to expose your campground to daring campers, whether it is glamping or camping.

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Bénéfices de se connecter á Kid & Coe depuis Rentals United


Automatic Upload

Complete sync to add properties effortlessly


Automatic Update

Sync content, photos, price, availability and reservations.


Advanced Options

2-Way connection and more


  • 2-Way Connection: bookings & cancellations from The Dyrt will update your availability everywhere
  • No commission on all your bookings if you enable Instant Bookings
  • Higher exposure thanks to the 1,000,000 people who have registered accounts on The Dyrt to book and share their camping experiences
  • The Dyrt can accept multi unit inventory in their platform
  • The Dyrt support price per guest or length of stay pricing. 
  • Your minimum stay will be synchronized
  • The Dyrt is able to display your Tax & Extra fees 

Infos importantes

Service Release Date2013
Adresse du siège socialOregon, us
Languages supported
Nombre de propriétés en ligne
Nombre minimum de propriétés
Site internetVoir le site!
Modèle de prixCommissionnement
CommissionnementThe Dyrt doesn't charge any commission on booking, but the channel will pass the credit card fees, which is usually 3%
Ce qui est synchroniséContent, photos, price, availability and reservations.
Temps de connexionAverage of 7 days
Mimimum de qualitéThe channel only accepts properties in the United States. Only Glamping or Camping inventory will be accepted
Sites in network

Comment ça marche ?

    1. Upload your properties to Rentals United. Add them manually or via PMS/API sync. Go to Services and add The Dyrt
    2. Follow the Checklist with detailed instructions
    3. After you have connected your properties you will see the connection in “My Services”, “Property settings” In your connection list you will see the properties connected as ticked green. 
    4. Your rates, calendars and property info, including photos and amenities, will update automatically
    5. Get your first booking! Rentals United will send you the booking notification email
    6. If you want to disconnect a property you need to do it in Rentals United and not in the channel