How Prague for You économise jusqu'à 12heures de travail par jour

PragueForYou est spécialisé dans la location de courte durée d'appartements dans le coeur de Prague. Fondée en 2014, l'entreprise est composée d'une équipe de jeunes professionnels de tout autour du monde. Leur but n'est pas seulement d'aider les invités à se sentir comme à la maison mais aussi de faire que leur temps passé à Prague soit une expérience inoubliable

Nombre de propriétés en ligne 87
Adresse du siège social Prague
Technologie utilisée Rentals United + Vreasy PMS
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Manually updating pricing & calendars in 20 sites

Manually inserting bookings & cancellations in PMS

Time-consuming & impractical processes

Sans Rentals United, nous devrions embaucher plus d'employés juste pour mettre les prix et calendriers à jour!


Rentals United Channel Manager

Rentals United Channel Manager

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Vreasy Property Management System

Vreasy Property Management System

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Back in 2016, Prague for You manager Anthony Chevalier decided to start working with Vreasy PMS and Rentals United Channel Manager. The two systems are connected, which means that Anthony and his team only update pricing and calendars in Vreasy and they’re instantly sent via Rentals United to all the listing sites connected. Any booking or cancellation sent by the connected listing sites is instantly reflected in Anthony’s PMS, Vreasy.

Listing Sites Connected
Up to 12h
Saved In Manual Update Each Day
Portfolio Increase In Last 2 Years
Confirmed Bookings Increase In Last Year

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As the very name suggests, Prague for You is is a property management company based in wonderful Prague. Active since 2014, the apartment rentals company manages now over 80 properties. Manager Anthony Chevalier shares his testimonial on how they started to work with Rental United, benefiting from the integration with Vreasy PMS.

Back in 2016 Prague for You were managing in-house over 40 city-centre apartments and advertising them on major websites.
“We used to change our prices for every apartment every night at 12 AM,” says Anthony, “manually updating the prices of 41 properties on 20 websites on a daily basis would mean employing two people just for that task.”

Finding a technology solution was a must to cut time and have staff concentrate on guests. Anthony decided to start working with Vreasy (PMS) and Rentals United (Channel Manager). The two systems are connected which means that Anthony and his team only update pricing in Vreasy and they’re instantly sent via Rentals United to all the listing sites they work with. All bookings and cancellations made by the sites are instantly reflected in the Vreasy dashboard.

Prague for You was already advertising on many booking platforms before starting to use Rentals United, which implied connecting those existing accounts to maintain reviews, stats and ranking. The transition was smooth, the accounts were not lost, just migrated to a channel management solution.

Today, Anthony advertises over 85 properties on 45 websites via Rentals United. “Most of our bookings come from Airbnb,, HomeAway but also direct reservations from our own website,” says Anthony, “Our customers are mostly European and North American.”

Anthony is looking forward to the launch of Rentals United new functionalities and integrations. « It will be very handy to control everything from one platform, » he says « being able to manage dynamic pricing via Rentals United is another time-saviour for me! ».

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No, they're not. Some listing sites add their commission on top of the prices you save. These channels want your net rates. Other channels will charge their commission from the prices you save. For the later, you have the possibility to mark your rates up to cover for their commission. We inform you in details how the channels work after you sign-up.