Specialised Channel Manager for Hopper

List and Manage Vacation Rentals Automatically on Hopper Homes

Hopper Homes is the vacation rental category of the fast-growing travel super-app Hopper. Thanks to the new Rentals United-Hopper connection, you can now list your properties on Hopper, tap into new pools of travellers, advertise your rentals to engaged customers and improve your conversion rates.

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Bénéfices de se connecter á Hopper depuis Rentals United


Automatic Upload

Complete sync to add properties effortlessly


Automatic Update

Sync calendars, prices, photos, availability and reservations


Advanced Options

2-Way connection and more


  • 2-Way Connection: bookings & cancellations from Hopper Homes will update your availability everywhere
  • Hopper Homes accepts multi-unit inventory sent as individual listings
  • Hopper Homes works with instant bookings
  • Hopper Homes is the merchant of records
  • Hopper Homes works with price per Guest and supports LOS Pricing
  • Hopper Homes is able to display discounts and last minute deals
  • Your minimum stay will be synchronized

Infos importantes

Service Release Date2007
Adresse du siège socialMontreal, QC, ca
Languages supported
Nombre de propriétés en ligne
Nombre minimum de propriétés10
Site internetVoir le site!
Modèle de prixCommissionnement
CommissionnementYou will distribute your rate minus the discount agreed with Hopper Homes. Hopper Homes then adds a dynamic markup to it, and keep this as compensation
Ce qui est synchroniséContent, photos, price, availability and reservations
Temps de connexionLess than 7 days
Mimimum de qualitéYou need a minimum of 10 properties to enable the connection. The channel is currently accepting clients from North America & The Caribbean, but will be expanding across other countries soon.
Sites in network

Comment ça marche ?

    1. Upload your properties to Rentals United. Add them manually or via PMS/API sync. Go to Services and add Hopper
    2. Follow the Checklist with detailed instructions
    3. Activate Connection! If you're new to Hopper, your properties will be uploaded via API by Rentals United
    4. Your rates, calendars and property info, including photos and amenities, will update automatically
    5. Get your first booking! Rentals United will send you the booking notification email