Reservation management

Manage all your bookings smoothly, in one place

Get an overview of all your bookings and daily tasks with Guest Planner. See current bookings, track tasks to do, and spot chances to boost occupancy and revenue.

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A simple way to manage your vacation rental properties

Keeping on top of your bookings can be stressful and confusing, especially when you have multiple properties listed on various channels.
Powerhost’s Guest Planner helps you manage all your bookings easily in one place, so you’ll never forget a task to do or miss a chance to increase your income.

Get an overview of all your bookings

In Guest Planner, you’ll see all bookings from the channels you list on. No more switching between listing sites to keep on top of your calendar – Powerhost brings everything together in one place. It’s easy to see your upcoming bookings and what you need to do before your guests arrive.

Identify opportunities to boost income

Maximise your bookings, and make the most of all opportunities to increase your rates. Guest Planner helps you spot gaps in your calendar, so you can adjust your rates to fill them. And, if you see lots of booking requests coming in, you’ll know you can increase your rates and earn more.

Manage tasks and guest communication

Manage your tasks directly in Guest Planner so you never miss a job to do for any booking. You can also communicate with guests straight from Powerhost. You’ll be able to see all your messages in one place, rather than going to each booking channel separately to respond to your guests.

Prepare for upcoming bookings

Plan ahead according to your calendar and make sure you’re ready for upcoming bookings. Using filters and search, you can view all your weekly bookings, bookings for the current month, or any bookings with outstanding tasks to do.

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How it works

Guest Planner is Powerhost’s easy-to-use reservation management dashboard where you can review and manage all your property bookings.

— Connect all your channels to manage your bookings in Guest Planner.

— Drag and drop to easily move bookings along the life cycle.

— Open up a booking to quickly edit guest information or add payment details.

— Filter to browse current, upcoming, past bookings and more.

— Add your tasks to do directly into each booking card, and check them off when they’re done.

— See your calendar at a glance so you can spot gaps or dates with high demand and adjust your prices accordingly.

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