See property performance at a glance with visual reports

Get easy-to-digest data about your business, so you can take action to increase bookings and revenue. All the information you need to grow your business, at your fingertips.

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Make decisions based on data

To earn more from your vacation rentals, you need to know what’s working, and what’s not. What channel brings the most bookings and revenue? When are your busiest days and months? Don’t rely on guesswork – use Powerhost’s reporting feature.

Discover your top-performing channels

Find out which booking channels are bringing in the most bookings and revenue. Compare average booking values, average daily rates and lengths of stay. Then adapt your marketing strategy accordingly.

Identify your most successful properties

Learn which properties always get booked up and receive the best reviews, and how that varies throughout the seasons. Take action to bring your other properties up to scratch, or use the information to help you evaluate potential new properties.

Access visual data that’s easy to understand

You shouldn’t have to spend hours wading through complicated spreadsheets and graphs to understand how your business is performing. With Powerhost’s visual dashboard, you get a clear picture of what’s going on, in an easy-to-understand format.

Compare bookings and revenue year on year

Learn from the past to make smart decisions about the future. Our dashboard lets you compare bookings and revenue data year on year to track your progress and measure your success.

Filter your information by date, location and more

Get specific information by filtering your dashboard by property, property features, channel, or time frame.

All your data in one dashboard

No need to log in to your booking channels to view data. Bring data from all your channels about all your properties onto a single page.

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How to monitor your progress with Powerhost reports

Your Powerhost reporting dashboard contains all the most important information about your business, and you can even view your properties on a dynamic map. Discover key information, like:

—Average booking value: the average price of one of your bookings.

—Booking velocity: number of bookings per unit.

—Average booking window: average time reservations are made before the check-in date.

—Channel share: the percentage of bookings coming from each channel.

—Nights sold: how many nights you’ve sold, with weekend vs weekday comparison.

—Year on year bookings and revenue comparison: compare this year’s bookings and revenue with last year.

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Discover Powerhost’s other features

Take advantage of Powerhost’s full suite of tools to grow your business.

Content management

Sync your pricing, photos, descriptions, and more, automatically.

Payment processing

Be the boss of your payments to earn with greater security.

Guest communication

Quickly and easily handle all guest messaging from a single inbox.

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