Guest communication

Manage all your guest communication in a stress‑free way

Handle all your guest messages quickly and easily in one place with our guest communication tool. Chat, answer questions and send vital information from a single inbox to all your channels, in seconds.

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The easy way to stay in touch with guests

Guest communication can be stressful when you’re switching between apps, checking your WhatsApp and refreshing your emails to make sure you don’t miss a message. But it doesn’t have to be like this. With Powerhost, you can keep your guests happy with fast, helpful responses and reduce your workload.

One inbox for all your messages

Rest easy knowing you’ll never leave a guest waiting for an answer. Communicate with all your guests from one inbox, no matter which channel they booked through. Easily search for past conversations.

Save time and get more done

No more switching back and forth between channels and tools to answer messages from guests. Bring all your messages together with Powerhost and save yourself heaps of time you can spend doing other things.

Compose a message in seconds

Do your guests ask a lot of the same questions? There’s no need to answer from scratch every time. With quick replies, you can use templates to compose a response in seconds. Just personalise your message, and hit send.

Create an easy-to-follow workflow with automation

Automate repetitive work so you can keep in touch with guests throughout their stay with minimal effort. You can set up automated messages to welcome guests and provide property information or check-in details.

Manage those all-important reviews

Staying on top of your reviews is crucial to increasing your future bookings. Review notifications from Airbnb and will arrive in your Powerhost inbox, and you can respond by reviewing your guests directly from the platform.

Keep your guests happy, get more great reviews

Guests love helpful hosts who respond quickly to their questions and queries. With Powerhost, you can offer 5-star customer service, without all the hard work.

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How Powerhost’s guest messaging makes communication easy

Powerhost helps save time and streamline your guest messaging with a centralised inbox.

— Stay in touch easily.
Guests can contact you at any time through their preferred channel, whether that’s the site they used to book your rental, WhatsApp or email.

— Keep all your messages in one place.
Guest messages land in your Powerhost inbox, where they are saved as conversations with individual guests.

— Pre-approve Airbnb bookings in one click.
Requests to book from Airbnb will arrive in your Powerhost inbox so you can approve them in seconds.

— Respond to guests quickly.
You can respond from the platform and speed up the process by using quick reply templates.

— Guests get an instant response.
Your guests will receive your message straight away, on the same channel they used to reach out to you.

— Set up automated messages.
Create and send messages automatically that are triggered by certain actions. For example, when you get a new booking, you can send an automated message with property details and check-in information.

— Personalise automated messages.
Add your guests’ first names and any specific information about their stay.

— Choose where to access your inbox.
You can access your Powerhost inbox through your Powerhost account, API, or email.

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