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Rentals United Settings

City Relay ont augmenté leurs revenus de 182%

CityRelay est une compagnie de gestion de propriétés spécliasés dans les locations londoniennes. Fondé en 2015, City Relay gère désormais plus de 450 propriétés de locations saisonnières à travers 3 emplacements à Londres.

Nombre de propriétés en ligne+300
Adresse du siège socialLondres, UK
Technologie utiliséeRentals United + Outswitch
Site internetVisit Now

Business Challenges

Publiez de nombreuses propriétés efficacement et avec précision sur tous les sites de réservations.

Gardez des prix par nuit compétitifs avec des mises à jour en temps réel vers tous les sites d'annonces.

Automatisez vos opérations pour concentrer vos ressources sur la croissance de l'entreprise.

Dès que nous obtenons de nouvelles propriétés, il est crucial que nous les publions rapidement sur les différents sites d'annonces.


Rentals United Channel Manager
Rentals United Channel Manager
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OutSwitch Yield Management Software
OutSwitch Yield Management Software
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City Relay automates distribution using Rentals United Channel Manager because every new property in their growing portfolio must be listed efficiently and quickly across all sites. Most importantly, the staff at City Relay save precious time to focus on guest needs and extra services! Maximum revenue and profit targets are guaranteed by price optimization through Outswitch Yield Manager which is integrated with Rentals United. This way dynamic pricing is updated automatically across all listing sites and City Relay properties remain competitive at all times.



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With a team of over 50 employees, CityRelay fully manages bookings and operations of over 300 properties in the centre of London. From reception services, maintenance and cleaning, to advanced marketing distribution and revenue management, their hands are full. The reception is conveniently located in the heart of London and as locals, the City Relay team knows the area better than anyone. They thrive to offer the best quality service in the shortest amount of time.


“We plan to take it area by area in London so that we’re able to offer a quick and efficient service. Our staff's main concern is the guest experience and satisfaction”, says Kirsty Attard, Reservations and Revenue Manager, “We manage everything in-house. We’ve been in business 3 years - a young company growing fast.”


Automating distribution channels was the reason why back in 2016, City Relay started to look for a channel management software. They investigated the market and decided to migrate their growing portfolio of properties to Rentals United. 

“Our main and most used software is Rentals United because we constantly upload new properties to booking sites. I personally like it for its simplicity and straightforward usage. It is clicking a few buttons and following clear steps to send properties to channels. When you have so many properties to list, having it done efficiently makes everything a lot easier. We have been adding new listing sites progressively and seen an increase in both bookings and performance each time we add a new site.”


Maximising profits for property owners is another key element in City Relay's business model. Outswitch Yield Manager enables nightly rate optimization using market data analytics and through the integration with Rentals United, these rates are distributed automatically to all listing sites.

“We quite like using a system that helps apply dynamic pricing. “Yielding” each and every property day by day would be quite tough, so it really helps to have a system. We monitor closely our pricing, it’s very important that it is in line with what we want to achieve at the end of the month, at end of the year”.


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