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Dynamic pricing, based on market data and your custom rules

PriceLabs is a vacation rental revenue manager that uses historic market data and future trends, as well as your custom rules, to calculate the optimal price for your properties. Thanks to the integration with Rentals United, you can automatically distribute your dynamic pricing to all connected listing sites, thus saving precious time and optimising revenue. See how it works - request a demo.  

Why you should connect PriceLabs with Rentals United?

Automatic Update

Pricing updated automatically by PriceLabs

Competitive Rates

Pricing synced to all your connected listing sites

Market Data

Calculation based on market supply and demand trends

Vacation rental revenue management simplified

  • Pricing based on market supply and demand trends
  • 1-Way synchronisation from PriceLabs to Rentals United
  • Rentals United distributes your pricing in all connected sites

How it Works

    1. Upload your properties to Rentals United. Add them manually or via PMS/API sync. Go to Services and add PriceLabs
    2. Follow our Checklist with detailed instructions. 
    3. Sign in into your PriceLabs or create an account. Once logged in, request the connection to Rentals United Channel Manager
    4. Activate the connection in your Rentals United accounts. Your properties will be retrieved from Rentals United into PriceLabs
    5. PriceLabs will calculate your optimal pricing automatically, which is then inserted into Rentals United and distributed to your connected sites

    Key Info

    CategoryYield Managers
    Service Release Date2014
    Headquarter LocationChicago, us
    Languages supported
    N of Rentals United properties connected
    Minimum properties required1
    WebsiteVisit now
    Pricing modelFlat Fee
    Commissionfrom $4.99 per listing
    What is syncedPricing
    Onboarding timeFew hours to few days, depending on inventory
    Minimum requirements
    Sites in network
    Works best in conjunction withRentals United + Wishbox
    Stage of your business journeyYield Management