Google vacation rental listings

Expand your short-term rental distribution to Google

Get your vacation rentals properties visible on Google where millions of travellers search, compare and book their trips and accommodation. Rentals United is a handpicked Google partner that gets you listed in a matter of days.

Appear in Google Search and Google Maps and compete at the highest level alongside hotels while being in control of your pricing and availability. Google for vacation rentals is a great opportunity to increase your visibility, drive bookings and boost your revenue. 



Why choose Rentals United to list and manage your vacation rentals on Google?


Automatic Upload

Complete sync to add new properties effortlessly


Automatic Update

for rates, availability, photos and property info


Advanced Options

Get direct bookings, no commission, boost your own brand

By listing your vacation rentals on Google via Rentals United, you will:

  • Get your rentals visible where travellers search, compare & book
  • Receive direct bookings, without paying commission
  • Boost your brand recognition, reach new sources of traffic
  • Manage payments and guest relationships your way

Key Info

Service Release Date
Headquarter LocationCalifornia, us
Languages supported
N of Rentals United properties connected
Minimum properties required1
WebsiteVisit now
Pricing modelFor now, Google vacation rental listings are free!
What is syncedAvailability, Pricing, Bookings, Property Info
Onboarding time2 Days - 1 Week
Minimum requirementsMinimum Content Quality required. Contact us for more info
Sites in network

How to list vacation rentals on Google:

  1. Upload your properties to Rentals United. Add them manually, via a PMS or syncing to our API. Go to Services and add Google.
  2. Follow our Checklist with detailed instructions. 
  3. Activate the connection. Your Google vacation rental listings will be live within 2 days.
  4. Your rates, calendars and property information, including photos and amenities, will be updated by Rentals United. 
  5. Get bookings from Google! They are processed via our Book Direct pages (created automatically for all your Rentals United properties). 
  6. Charge guests as specified in your own policy via your payment processor system of choice.
  7. Get in touch with guests to arrange arrival details and more.
  8. Training is provided to get you started right away. During the first month of your subscription, you'll have 3 calls with an Onboarding Specialist.


No. Currently, you can only list your vacation rentals on Google by working with one of Google's trusted software partners. Google also displays some listings from online travel agencies. If you want to become one of the first property managers to take advantage of the potential of Google for vacation rentals, get listed with Rentals United now!