Best Channel Manager

Automatically update your rates and availability with Rentals United, a Premier Partner.

The Rentals United vacation rental channel manager allows you to effortlessly manage your listings. It automatically updates your rates and availability in real-time, so you can avoid double bookings and sell your units at the optimal price at any given moment. Listing new properties is easy with our unique Content API Push.


Benefits of managing your properties via Rentals United


Premier Partner

Our connection quality and service have earned us the recognition of Premier Partner.


Automatic Upload

We automatically update your rates and availability on in real-time.


Pricing Preference

Choose between price per night, occupancy, LOS, refundable and non-refundable rates, markup and more.

Choose the best channel manager

  • Enjoy the peace of mind provided by a 100% reliable connection
  • Access priority support from and get issues resolved quickly
  • Take advantage of the latest features and updates
  • Work with multi-unit clumps or individual listings
  • Select any pricing model you want for each of your properties
  • Receive ongoing training and become an expert at optimising your listings
  • Boost your visibility and conversions via the Promotions API
  • Get tailored listing optimisation tips via the Opportunities API

Key Info

Service Release Date2014
Headquarter LocationAmsterdam, nl
Languages supported
N of Rentals United properties connected30,000
Minimum properties required1
WebsiteVisit now
Pricing modelCommission-based
Commission12-21% per booking
What is syncedAvailability, Pricing, Content, Bookings, Opportunities, Promotions
Onboarding timeMap existing account: 25 minutes with an Onboarding Specialist, 24 hours if self-onboarding. First-time new inventory push: 5 days (if you have all the content). Following pushes: 24 hours.
Minimum requirementsMinimum content quality required. Learn more.
Sites in network

How our Channel Manager Works

  1. Learn how to navigate the Rentals United platform with a guided tour led by one of our Implementation Specialists.
  2. Prepare your content. Our Implementation Specialist will help you understand all the requirements and guide you through the signup process.
  3. Upload your properties to Rentals United. Add them manually, via PMS or API sync. Go to ‘Services’ and add
  4. Follow the checklist with detailed instructions depending on the connection type you choose.
  5. If you don’t already have one, create a account.
  6. Once your properties have been synced, your rates, calendars, bookings and cancellations will update in real-time.
  7. Receive your first booking.
  8. Charge the guest’s credit card or allow to handle the payment, depending on your location. In the former case, the guest's credit card details will be saved in Rentals United for 10 days.
  9. Arrange arrival directly with the guest using the messaging platform.
  10. will invoice their commission monthly and email the guest for a review after check-out.

Why choose the Rentals United channel manager

Here’s what makes our industry-leading channel management solution unique:

1. Map multi-unit properties

The Rentals United channel manager has the unique ability to map your existing multi-unit listings from Once the mapping is complete, we automatically sync your pricing and availability in real-time. 

Managing rentals under the same address as multi-units is beneficial because it can help you rank higher in search results.

We have a sophisticated multi-unit algorithm that allows you to optimise the management of your multi-unit listings. For example, you can choose to clump your calendars together or handle them separately. Read more about our unique multi-unit algorithm

2. Apply Promotions in bulk

Our state-of-the-art Promotions API allows you to apply Promotions to your listings in bulk directly through the Rentals United interface. You can also edit your existing Promotions in bulk and see them all in one place. 

Applying Promotions in batches helps to save lots of time and be more efficient, especially for property managers with 100+ listings.

3. Choose from advanced pricing options

Our connection allows you to work with a different pricing model for each property. We don’t force you to work with the same pricing model for all your listings, and you can easily switch between pricing models whenever you want. For example, you can set a nightly rate for one of your listings, LOS pricing for another, and so on. 

Our reliable connection ensures that you get the most out of your revenue management strategy. For example, if you use a dynamic pricing tool, our channel manager is so quick at communicating frequent price adjustments to channels that you’re guaranteed to be selling your nights at the optimal margin at all times.

Learn more about the advanced pricing options in Rentals United.


If you’re getting listed on for the first time and you’ve prepared all the required content, your listings will go live within 5 business days. If you have existing listings, mapping them takes about 25 minutes with the help of an Onboarding Specialist and about 24 hours if you do it by yourself.