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9th of June 2017

VQUARTER: Interview with Rentals United’s Chief Marketing Director Vanessa de Souza Lage

VQuarter has had the pleasure of interviewing Vanessa de Souza Lage, The Chief Marketing Director of Rentals United and a sought-after speaker at vacation rental events.


Skift; The State of the Global Vacation Rental Market

Rentals United has a total of 250.000 properties, with most of their business in the urban European cities. Rentals United's approach to expansion has focused on both the large important players as well as the demand driving niche platforms...

1st of September 2016

Holiday Let Success

Elaine Watt interviews Rental United's CMO Vanessa de Souza Lage for her podcast The Definitive guide to Holiday Let Success. In this episode Vanessa explains how using a channel manager gives you access to adverting you may not ordinarily be able to reach ...

30th of August 2016


With extensive marketing expertise across the travel and fashion sectors, Vanessa de Souza Lage is now CMO at Rentals United, a rapidly growing distribution platform for vacation rentals…

04th of August 2016

Barcelona (Spain)

Rentals United Partners with a Further 5 Leading Property Management Systems

Emerging as a leader in Channel Management for Vacation Rentals, Rentals United now connects automatically with a further 5 leading property management system that represent a total of 50,000 properties. The PMSs are MPConcept (France), tabs (UK), Orbirental (United States), BookingSync (France) and Streamline (United States).

5th of June 2016

Tnooz - Startup pitch: Orbirental offers a booking engine for vacation rentals

Orbirental is a vacation rental management platform specialist based in San Francisco that launched last year after raising a seed round from Paris for Rent, a luxury rental agency. They have integrated with best practice partners including Beyond Pricing, IglooHome, and channel partners such as Tripping, MyBooking Pal and Rentals United.

21th of May 2016

London (United Kingdom)

Rentals United Channel Manager partners with onefinestay to further European expansion

The move supports a growing trend in the vacation rental industry to use a distribution platform as part of the marketing mix of property managers. As the vacation rental industry matures, Channel Managers like Rentals United are thought to drive more sales while reducing manual work, a service onefinestay is keen to benefit from as they embark on European expansion.

1st of March 2016

Barcelona (Spain)

Rentals United Channel Manager for Vacation Rentals Partners with Further 5 Property Management Systems

As the vacation rental industry matures, services to property providers are joining forces to create more sales while reducing manual work. In an effort to help vacation rental owners & managers generate more bookings, Rentals United has recently partnered with five further Property Management Systems (PMSs) Elina, VRBookings, Bookerator, Rentability and Klik.villas.

4th of February 2016

Cottage Blogger

Cottage Blogger host Heather Bayer has a talk with our CMO Vanessa in this podcast called Channel Management Uncovered with Vanessa de Souza Lage.

4th of February 2016

Rent More Weeks - 5 French Vacation Rental Tech Companies Taking Over Paris and The World

Rentals United is based in Barcelona, but its Chief Marketing Officer is French-born Vanessa de Souza Lage. Rentals United is a Channel Manager (Distribution Platform) that already connects more than 150,000 properties to multiple listing sites and B2B channels.

17st of December 2015

Barcelona (Spain)

Rentals United and Booking.com Enter into New Partnership for Vacation Rentals

For the first time, a vacation rental technology company, Rentals United, is chosen as “preferred partner” by Booking.com. The move signals that the world leader in booking accommodation online is serious about consolidating their vacation rental offering and that specialized channel management is an integral part of this consolidation.

15th of December 2015

How channel management solution Rentals United helps vacation rental businesses make more bookings

Rentals United is a channel management solution: It helps connect the inventory of a vacation rental management company with booking sites (e.g. HomeAway, TripAdvisor, Booking.com) and even with travel agents through wholesalers.

15th of December 2015

The Distinguished Guest - No Truer Words: The Vacation Rental Manifesto

I love this vacation rental manifesto created by my friends over at Rentals United. They just summarized all our thoughts in one super-cute document...and these are truly words to live by. Or should I say "rent by!"

8th of October 2015

VRMA; Marketing Automation: Preparing Your Properties And Yourself!

Rentals United's CMO Vanessa wrote a post for VRMA's blog about marketing automation. Click "Read More" for access to the whole article!

8th of September 2015

Tripping - Three Common Mistakes VR Owners Make During the Low Season

Your rental's low season doesn't have to be rough - Vanessa de Souza Lage of Rentals United tells you which mistakes to avoid…

2nd of July 2015

Skift; Daily Travel Startup Watch: Rentals United, LocalAventura and More

Rentals United simplifies distribution & sales for vacation rental companies. Distribute your inventory on tons of sales channels including Booking.com and HomeAway. Keep your availability and…

24th of April 2015

Barcelona (Spain)

Rentals United Partners up with 3 Leading Property Management Systems

As the vacation rental industry matures, services to property providers are joining forces to create more sales while reducing friction. In an effort to help vacation rental owners generate more bookings, Rentals United has partnered with leading Property Management Systems (PMSs) Ciirus, Vreasy and I-Pro Softwar


Guest Hook; 5 Friends of Guest Hook Look Back on 2015 and Forward to 2016

GuestHook interviews our CMO Vanessa de Souza Lage.

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