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What is a Channel Manager?

A Channel Manager in the hospitality industry is a software that automates the distribution of hotel rooms, B&Bs, Vacation Rentals and other accommodation types, onto listing websites (channels) where travellers can book. A Channel Manager will instantly update rates, calendar and often also content, and therefore saving the property manager a lot of time, reducing manual mistakes and increasing the number of bookings.

Below is a list of 40 worldwide channel managers. When choosing a Channel Manager it's important to look at their core business, whether it's hotels, vacation rentals, B&Bs etc... as this will dictate the type of consumer-focused websites they can connect to.

Name Country Channels integrated Core business VR or Hotels Works with Vacation Rental websites?
Rentals United Spain 60 VR Yes and hotel sites
Octorate Italy 110 Hotels Yes
Siteminder USA 350 Hotels No
DIRS21 Germany 28 Hotels No
BeMyGuest Germany 50 Hotels No, only iCal
Accubook France 9 Hotels No
Novaresa France 250 Hotels No, only iCal
KE-Booking France 7 Hotels No
FlatsWire France 6 Hotels No
FastBooking France 120 Hotels No
Elloha France 60 Hotels No, only iCal
AmicHotel Italy 70 Hotels No, only iCal
SimpleBooking Italy 100 Hotels No
BookingOne Italy 100 Hotels No, only iCal
Booking Expert Italy 50 Hotels No
Reseliva Spain 18 Hotels No
Eviivo UK 150 Hotels No
Hotetec Spain 40 Hotels No
Wubook France 54 Hotels No
Cubilis Belgium 200 Hotels No
Channel-Manager Italy 30 Hotels No, only iCal
Avantio Spain 60 VR Yes
Guestcentric USA 50 Hotels Yes
Easybooking Austria 33 Hotels No, only iCal
WooDoo Italy 90 Hotels No
Beds24 Germany 50 B&B Yes
ResOnline Australia 20 VR Yes
Red Awning USA 100 Hotels Yes
Kigo Spain 35 VR Yes
RateTiger USA 20 Hotels No
AxisRooms India 18 Hotels No
Staah New Zealand 200 Hotels No, only iCal
NextPax The Netherlands 152 VR Yes
RMS Australia 50 Hotels No
Booking Manager The Netherlands 30 Hotels Yes and hotel sites
Myallocator USA 100 Hotels Yes
Supercontrol UK 60 VR Yes
MyBookingPal USA 10 VR Yes
Sirvoy Ireland 12 Hotels No, only iCal