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What is it?

Is a program designed to receive user feedback to improve our services.

How it works

How it will work?

  • When you join for the Experience Improvement Program you will be in our private list of collaborators.
  • You may participate in giving us direct feedback to improve Rentals United user experience, especially the performance of the platform.
  • We will contact you from time to time to ask for your collaboration in usability tests, surveys, and other types of field research.
  • To be part of the Experience Improvement Program you only have to click on the following “Join now” button.

We may contact you when we need your feedback and you can choose to collaborate or not. Joining doesn’t mean you have to be always available.

If contacted and agreed you can do a survey or user test.

What would I do?

Surveys will be sent to you, and we will grab all the data and see patterns. This surveys will give us more info about our users and about what they want. Thanks to this we can decide what to improve, or which functionality to be made has priority. An additional satisfaction survey can be sent at the end of every year.

The focus of user tests is not to test you, but to test how the interface performs when used by you, so we will ask you to do specific tasks in interactive prototypes while sharing your screen & voice with skype.

What information is collected for the Experience Improvement Program

For surveys all kind of information regarding your personal and professional profile. Sometimes you may choose between different answers that comprehend a group, like “age: from 40 to 50”. We don’t force anyone to give us information, you may respond “I prefer not to tell” or “other” if you feel uncomfortable telling us.

For user tests we will just collect your feedback while using it, mainly emotions like stress or frustration, and direct inputs like the amount of time spend to do a task or if you could do that task successfully.

Terms & Conditions

What sort of people are you looking for?

Having an account in Rentals United is mandatory.

If I join, are you going to send me spam or sell my information to other companies?

No. Of course not.

If you agree we can send you the results of our researches, if not you will only receive the necessary emails to ask you to do the survey or test.

Can I leave the Experience Improvement Program?

Sure, just tell us and we will delete you from the list of participants.

How often will you contact me?

It depends, but can vary from one time a month to just one per year.

What's the time commitment?

From 5 to 40 minutes for every test you want to collaborate to.

What do I win if I volunteer?

Helping us to make our software better you become the force behind the change, making a difference and having earlier and better the changes you need implemented.

While you don’t get anything just for joining here, participation in a face to face user testing session always entitles you to some token of our appreciation, such as a gift card or donation to your chosen charity. Rest assured though that you’ll always know exactly what you’ll receive before you participate.


Who can access the data?

This program is totally anonymous, and only useful to our research team.

Rentals United has strict restrictions on access to user data. Only a limited and restricted number of our employees has access to it.

How is my privacy protected if I participate?

We are committed to protecting your data once we have it. We implement physical and technical security measures designed especially for that.


The Rentals United Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy you agreed with when signing up as a client apply for the Experience Improvement Program too.

Terms & Conditions



For more information

If you have any questions about the Rentals United Experience Improvement Program or it’s Privacy Policy please reach us at experience@rentalsunited.com

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