Tap into the power of an Enterprise Channel Manager

180,000 vacation rentals use Rentals United for their marketing strategy. Rank better and increase your conversions. 

A Channel Manager automates your Marketing!

Manage and sync your calendars & rates automatically and in real-time. 1 in 2 property managers use a channel manager today… why? Because it saves them a huge amount of time (20 hours per week for some!) and allows them to diversify their marketing with new vacation rental sites.

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How it works


STEP 1: Choose which sites you want to advertise on

Each vacation rental site has its own set of rules (and own commission). We explain those very clearly and will all the detailed information you need to make a decision. When you're ready, go through a checklist for each of the listing sites you want to advertise on.

All Listing Sites

STEP 2: Get trained by one of our consultants

In order to get the best ranking possible, some vacation rental sites require training! One of our consultants will take you through this training during the first month of your subscription. You will need to invest some time at the beginning but soon you'll think "How did I ever live without it!

Onboarding Process

Why use RENTALS UNITED for Channel Management


Listing Sites with real-time availability update


Support Team with priority access to listing sites


Advanced pricing. We Support P.p.Person, Occupancy & LOS.

Premier Certified Channel Manager of Booking.com

We support LOS (Length Of Stay) pricing

Handle Hotel inventory with multiple room types

Onboarding in 3 days with the Quick Connect Program (max. 5 properties) //  1 of 3 companies in the world that can do that!

We create new properties on booking.com for you (Content API Push on account creation) 

Priority Support with Booking.com Connectivity Team

Preferred Certified Channel Manager of Airbnb

Airbnb LOS: Length of Stay Pricing Supported

2-way connection: a booking or a cancellation updates calendar everywhere

Pricing & Availability are updated immediately. Photos & Description are synched every 6 hours.

Choose Full Sync: everything in Rentals United account synched OR Limited Sync: Just sync pricing and availability

Use Airbnb messaging service & guest communication in Rentals United

Elite Software Partner of HomeAway Vrbo

Priority support with HomeAway team

Pricing & Availability are updated immediately. Photos & Description are synched every 6 hours

Price per night for Home Away "Guaranteed Pricing Model" (higher ranking)

2-Way connection: a booking or cancellation updates your calendar everywhere

Set different pre-payment just for HomeAway

Advanced Channel Manager for Expedia

2-Way connection: a booking or cancellation updates your calendar everywhere

We support LOS (Length Of Stay) pricing to Expedia

Handle Hotel inventory with multiple room types

We have access to global Expedia support aliases

The first partner to develop the Content API connection with Expedia. 

All listing sites connections and all our tools included in our monthly fee

Channel Management Q&A

Click on the sentences that most closely match your current situation:

I’m new to this

Q: Why do I need a channel manager?
Remove the risk of overbooking, manual errors, save A LOT of time and make more bookings. 

Q: Do I need to create accounts with the listing sites?
With most listing sites, we will automatically create accounts for you. 

Q: I already have well-positioned accounts! Can I connect them?
No problem, sync and manage them automatically from your new Rentals United account, ranking won’t change (well... you may actually go higher up in the rankings, given they will now consider you a tech-enabled professional!)

Q: Do I need to accept all bookings coming from the Channel Manager?
Yes, almost all listing sites work on Instant Booking. There are however a couple of sites that work on request too. 

I already have tech setup but I’m looking to change

Q: I want to change my Channel Manager!
Looking to get access to Rentals United outstanding features like static content push and price scaling, as well as access to 60+ listing sites, but worried you’ll be missing out on bookings during the transition phase? We have successfully migrated many clients from other channel managers! The transition is seamless and you don’t need to turn your old channel manager off until we are 100% ready and tested.

Q: I’m not happy with my current tech stack!
Get our Account Managers to advise on the best tech around. Check out our list of connected PMS and download our Who's Who of Property Management Systems!

I want to keep my PMS and work with you too

Q: Do you connect to my PMS?

We connect to around 50 PMS worldwide! If you work with one of these you can easily give us the responsibility of updating your adverts, they’re the internal organiser, we’re the distribution arm!  Read The Difference between Property Management Systems and Channel Managers

Q: It doesn’t look like you connect to my PMS!

Tell us about it here (add a contact name at your PMS company) and we will contact them to make a partnership.

I have in-house tech and I’m looking to connect it

Q: Can you connect to my API?

In most cases, we ask you to connect to ours (it takes around 3 weeks for an experienced programmer to implement). Here's our API documentation

Q: Why should I use you?

Because your competitors do :) Jokes apart, it’s true. Most large Property Managers are Rentals United customers. Why? Because with us, it works.

Q: I have a sophisticated Business Model!

We have tools for mapping your business logic to vacation rental websites, hotel reservation systems, metasearches and wholesaler booking platforms. We are preferred Partner of Booking.com, HomeAway, Airbnb and TripAdvisor. Complicated pricing? We have a flexible price upload that allows nightly rates, extra guest pricing and length of stay, as well as price scaling available for all listing sites.