Advertise on 50+ websites automatically with our Vacation Rental Channel Manager

STEP 1: We store your property information

Give it to us either manually using our 15 minutes property upload tool, via API or via a connected Property Management Software.

Our PMS Partners

STEP 2: You decide on which websites you want to advertise

Each website has its set of rules (and their own commissions), we explain those very clearly and you go through a checklist for each of the websites you decide to advertise on.

Our connected websites

STEP 3: We update everything for you

We automatically update your availability every time you block our calendar or get a booking from any of the websites. We also update your prices and with most websites we can update your pictures and descriptions.

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You must connect either via API or manually

There are 3 ways to connect to us: You can use a Property Management System that already works with us; you can connect your booking software to us via our API; or if you have just a few vacation rentals you can use our own property management system.

You must accept all bookings

You need to accept all bookings and therefore your availability needs to always be up-to-date. A booking coming through Rentals United is a confirmed booking. You must accept all bookings made from any of the channel partners you are connected to.



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