How Valcambre uses Channel Manager to manage a sustainable business

The picturesque Seville area of Andalusia, Spain is known worldwide for its culture, beautiful monuments, traditions and artistic heritage.  For this reason, three brothers - Carlos, Isaias, and Nacho Rodriguez,  gathered back there in 2016 to create a property management company, Valcambre, to cater vacation rentals to travellers around the world.

N of properties connected100
Headquarter LocationSeville, Spain
Tech UsedRentals United + CheKin + Transparent
WebsiteVisit Now

Business Challenges

Achieve target number of apartments to manage

Integrate suitable software

Strengthen brand and reputation in Seville

We wanted to have more than one sales channel, before Rentals United we only were working with Airbnb and now we have, Expedia and Agoda.


Before hiring Rentals United, Valcambre solely worked with one sales channel, Airbnb. They realized very quickly that in order to expand they had to diversify their distribution channels and looked to connect with, Expedia and Agoda. From there, they needed to find a channel manager to manage all their listings and found Rentals United by doing an organic search online.

increase in occupancy
increase in number of bookings
increase in international guests (especially from the states and australia)
number of websites you advertise on(airbnb, booking, expedia and agoda)

Full Testimonial

Valcambre is a family business based in Seville, Spain.  Three brothers and their father founded Valcambre in 2016.  They are all business men by nature and each one brings a different asset to the company as they all lived in a different part of the world before founding the company. Isaias was working in renewable energy, Nacho in education, and Carlos in hospitality. They all have a basic thing in common and that is their love for Seville and, thus, decided to create a property management business to showcase their city to the world.

All 100 Valcambre properties are located in Seville, and they are currently expanding into Cadiz.  In 2019, they hosted more than 20,000 travellers in their properties.

From the onset, Valcambre focused only on marketing their properties on Airbnb.  As the business developed and they quickly added more listings to their portfolio, they realized they needed to expand their distribution.  From a search online, they found Rentals United and immediately signed up to do a demo.  They loved what they saw and quickly integrated the Rentals United distribution connection to, Expedia and Agoda.  From this, they saw their bookings go up as much as 50%, with new customers coming from the USA and Australia.  

Valcambre currently integrates Rentals United connection with their own management system.  And they also use third-party CheKin, for checking in guests.  They have yet to find a PMS that is suitable for their needs, but are keeping the search going.  In order to keep ahead in their pricing, they work with Transparent to obtain all the latest data in the short-term rental world in order to keep their pricing competitive.  

The global Covid pandemic presented a huge challenge to Valcambre. However, it is seen as an opportunity to improve, diversify, further digitalise and become even more competitive as a company.  As restrictions lessened and travellers became more mobile, the brothers Rodriguez, figured they best become more creative in finding renters.  Aside from mid-term rentals, they realized that the opening of the new Amazon logistics center, right outside the city center would provide more than 1,000 permanent jobs and, thus, people looking for housing.  Valcambre proactively sought out the Amazon human resources department to offer their services.

In addition to that, they also worked with film companies who often run their shoots, such as Casa de Papel in Seville, to house their actors, actresses and team.  Valcambre also did the same with local theater house, Maestranza, helping to house musicians and artists.


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