How Cinque Terre Riviera uses Channel Manager to manage a sustainable business

Cinque Terre Riviera is a property management company focused on the beautiful Cinque Terre Riviera area.  The uniqueness of the area, a string of seaside villages on the cliff,  limits the development of hotels which provides a perfect opportunity for the company to offer unique vacation rentals to travellers.   

N of properties connected50
Headquarter LocationVernazza, Italy
Tech UsedRentals United Only
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Business Challenges

Streamline processes and updates with listing sites

Expand property inventory

Offer new experiences to clients

We were looking to simplify our job and look for new markets and Rentals United helped us do both.


Cinque Terre Riviera wanted to optimize their website for direct sales and simultaneously sync sales systems with global distribution channels. They decided to work exclusively with Rentals United via sync API to their website and accountancy software in order to streamline processes. This resulted in 60+ increase in bookings, occupancy and revenue and 40% increase of European guests.

european guests

Full Testimonial

The company started in 2006 as a branch of an outgoing travel agency, named Durlindana which was founded in 1991. Miriana Rovaron and her business partner Paola actually started first with the marketing of destination wedding packages through a website which included offering guests and staff accommodation.  From this, the partners evolved the business to a full-fledged property management business as more and more rental properties were added and was born.

Miriana and Paola are dedicated entrepreneurs who kept investing most of their capital in the business which has helped them survive in situations like the current Covid-19 epidemic. They never stopped pouring their energies and money into the business during this time.  The company now manages around 50 properties and has grown to 14 staff members.

Along with property management, the company also offers guests value added services like unique experiences such as the Opera Festival.  This has proven to be a very successful addition which led them to optimize their website also for this offering.

As their business grew, they saw a need to manage their bookings more efficiently as well as also get listed on sites like Airbnb and

“We are very happy to find Rentals United - we wanted a total organization with our site to major booking sites.”

”We were looking to simplify our job and look for new markets and Rentals United helped us do both.  Rentals United had a great company presentation with great prices which was a good combination for us.”

“We definitely and absolutely recommend Rentals United.”


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