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Your PMS specialises in operations. We specialise in Channel Management. Combined we elevate your business. 

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PMS Seamless Integration with Rentals United

Step 1: Import your Properties

Once you have signed up to Rentals United, we will ask you to import your properties using your PMS. You can either: 1 - Log into your Rentals United account and provide your credentials from your PMS account 2 - Or log in to your PMS account and provide your Rentals United credentials

Step 2: Rentals United Quality Checker

Run your listings through our Rentals United Quality Checker. This optimisation report will state where improvements are needed for each property to increase their marketability and reach. From the amount of images at the right resolution to whether rates or amenities are missing. The Quality Checker is an excellent tool for managers with numerous properties!

Step 3: Channels

You will be contacted by your dedicated Implementation Specialist who will suggest appropriate channels for your distribution mix. They will clarify all the detailed information on channel requirements (many channels have their own set of rules and commissions). Find connected Listing Sites

Step 4: Simplicity at its finest: The onboarding process

If you already have an account with a channel, your onboarding will be instantaneous. For connections with channels that you weren’t previously connected with, the onboarding can vary from 24 hours to various weeks. Find out more

All listing sites and all our tools are included in our monthly fee

When you can have the best, why settle for 2nd best?

Our PMS Partners

Property Management Systems (PMS) are software providers designed to manage daily operations, property info, guest communication and offer important features including reporting, accounting and website building. Rentals United partners with 60+ PMS providers.

Why you need the Rentals United Add-on

We’re a specialised Channel Manager, meaning we have better connections. Better connections mean: Better conversions. Wide range of OTAs can elevate your marketing mix. See all our connected listing sites

When you can have the best, why settle for 2nd best?

All listing sites and all our tools are included in our monthly fee

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Yes, we're the perfect add-on to your PMS. While your PMS may have some connections they won't have the extent of the connections we have and rarely update their connections as much as we do. Why is this important? Because with the latest connection you get the latest tools to rank high. 

This is the list of the PMS companies we currently work with. If yours isn't listed you're welcome to request a partnership.