Hidden Gems

Length of Stay Pricing

Length of Stay (LOS) Pricing is a flexible pricing strategy that lets adjust your rates based on the length of stay, with the goal of incentivise the longest length of stay possible. Here's how the LOS Pricing strategy can help you optimize the occupancy rate and increase your revenues - all via Rentals United platform.

Control OTA Commissions

If you’re an experienced property manager, you’ll know that every channel you distribute to has different commissions. So how do you make sure you’re making the exact same amount from each booking, regardless of which channel it came from? You can control commissions with an easy-to-use markup option in the Rentals United platform. Here’s how.

OTA Pricing & Availability Management

The Rentals United platform lets you make adjustments to your strategy per OTA by setting custom prices for specific days, changing your minimum stay and prioritising bookings. Here’s how this functionality - available for the biggest hotel booking sites - works.

In-Depth Channel Info Booklets

Diversify your distribution strategy with multiple listings sites (vacation rental sites, OTAs, metasearches, wholesalers), but don't wear yourself out in the process! Our In-Depth Channel Info Booklets provide all the important information from how can you advertise on each listing site, how to make sure you meet all the criteria and how to get the most return for your vacation rentals.

Automatic Translations

Would you like your guests to read about your property in their language? Automatic translations of your vacation rental description are an advanced option in Rentals United. Simply add your text description and select in which languages you'd like it translated. We'll sync the translations with the listings sites you want to be on.

B&Bs & Boutique Hotels on Airbnb

Advertising your B&B or Boutique Hotel on Airbnb is a job for an advanced Channel Manager with specific features and a solid connection. Did you know that 95% of our clients sync their Airbnb listings within the 1st onboarding call? During the process, you will count with a dedicated Airbnb Connectivity Manager, a step-by-step Guide and different connection options, simple and advanced.  

What are the Hidden Gems?

Our Hidden Gems are powerful features and clever hacks that professional property managers stand by. Find out more in our new video series!