Getting Started

Once I sign up, what’s next?


Our software is self-service but do not worry - we will walk you through all the essential and advanced options. Our goal is to help you master online distribution, increase your reservations and save time; therefore we’re going to need some time together.



Our proven “Customer Performance” model goes like this:


Week 1: Introduction Call (1 hour)

Week 2: First Follow-up Call (30 minutes)

Week 3: Wrap-Up call (30 minutes)


Need more time? We will arrange it, no problem!

Don’t have time? Then please sign up with us another day! We need your attention and focus during the first stage of our partnership.

                              ("It is by forging that one becomes a blacksmith.")



Week 1: Introduction Call

1 hour: Your implementation Specialist will teach you how to use our platform, how to improve your property content and how to connect the channels you already advertise on.

Homework: Get your properties ready on our software and start the sign-up process with the channels. The sign up differs from one channel to the next. Some channels you already work with may ask you to sign a new agreement. We give you extensive documentation on each to help you understand specific requirements. 


.....[providing homework was done]....


Week 2: 1st Follow-up Call

30 minutes: We check your homework and advise on other channels that fit your property type, location or traveller profile, thus become a perfect new source for more bookings.

Homework: Set up the connection to new channels


.....[providing homework was done]....


Week 3: Wrap-up Call 

30 minutes: We check your homework and answer any questions you may have. We'll check if your connections are all well established & working smoothly.


You’re now done and ready to manage your account successfully!