We’re planning a short series of blog posts on how to improve conversions. First up: What sells?

Let’s get straight into it. If you are an agent or a property owner, you’ll want the following information displayed prominently to improve sales and more importantly, profits:


Pay attention to the end price the user sees. Remember agents mark up your price so be sure the end price will be competitive.

Pay attention not to under-price special events long in advance. Adjust pricing frequently according to demand.

Don’t forget to give last minute discounts when you are almost sure to be empty and when you have gaps in availability to fill.

And don’t forget discounts for longer stay. If a guest stays even 5 days he’s already leaving no gaps where short stay guests would. Give discounts to attract this kind of guest.


Make great pics, or better still pay a pro. And put a lot (at least 20) in your property presentation. Make pictures of the area, nearby landmarks and also of different seasons.

Write a top description which is both enthusiastic and informative, pointing out the best features of the property and the area.

List all amenities, and preferably also mention what you don’t provide to prevent being contacted by time wasters and to avoid disappointment.

Avoid advertising up front fees and deposits which will deter customers. We’re not advocating hiding them, but you don’t want to shout them from the rooftops.

If the site you work with allows videos then make a video of the apartment and the area.

Signs Of Quality

Ask your customers to place reviews. Any reviews are better than none (unless they are all terrible).

Needless to say, keep calendars updated. Some customers of “on request” systems will not even make an inquiry if the calendar is empty.

invisible-manBe Visible

Work with many proven sales channels. The key to good sales is good exposure. Make sure you get seen more often by paying for placement or using personal relationships.


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