For the last 2 years, The Vacation Rental World Summit has purely been an online event… with no less 15,000+ attendees! This year, the founder Antonio Bortolotti, takes it for its first in person event in Barcelona. Expect 2 highly engaging and interactive days of workshops, discussions and help sessions by THE top performing expert in the vacation rental industry – including our very own CMO Vanessa. The catch? Only 100 places available.

What’s the story behind the Vacation Rental World Summit?

Born in 2014 to answer the growing demand from our industry base for effective education on how to get more bookings, streamline workflows and maximize rental income, Vacation Rental World Summit is the most important online educational event in the Vacation Rental industry, gathering top performing industry experts and acknowledged professionals to share their combined knowledge with fellow peers worldwide.

15,000+ attendees, professional managers and property owners from 49 countries attended the first two online editions of the Vacation Rental World Summit.

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As a natural evolution of its online success, 2016 marks the first ever Vacation Rental World Summit in person event.

Who is the event for?

Held in Barcelona on October 29th-30th, 2016, Vacation Rental World Summit will be open to a restricted number of progressive industry professionals, property managers and property owners willing to stay ahead of the game.

Registration will be limited to 100 holiday rental professionals to ensure a high level of learning for two days of industry-specific education and networking.

The Vacation Rental World Summit is for you if you:

  • Struggle keeping afloat due to recent changes in the industry and you’re looking to regain control of your own business.
  • Feel overwhelmed by the increasing need to stay up to date yet you need guidance on where to look and what to do.
  • Want to find new ways to drive more traffic to your site, get more direct enquiries, convert them into solid bookings more than ever before.
  • Seek advice from fellow peers, want to learn what others do, and compare your strategy with fellow rentalpreneurs to mutually grow in a win-win environment.
  • Wonder whether it’s time to sell or find new ways to thrive and succeed.
  • Want to learn what the big companies don’t tell you.
  • Wish you’d know what the real statistics are and what’s coming next.

What will attendees get out of it?

Vacation Rental World Summit exclusive highly engaging format based on top notch presentations, hands-on workshops on key areas of marketing, business management and guest relations, as well as panel discussions and an industry ever first “hot seat” style help session where each participant will be given a chance to stand up and share their #1 struggle and the entire room including the speakers will brainstorm solutions will make Vacation Rental World Summit the best truly educational event in our industry this year.

Who are the speakers?

Antonio Bortolotti founder of the Vacation Rental World Summit
Adrian Brown
Richard Vaughton from Discovery Holiday Homes
Martin Picard from Vreasy
Andrew McNulty from Guesthook
Sébastien Grosjean from Bookingsync
Alan Egan from HostWriter
Vanessa de Souza Lage from Rentals United : )
Naveen Sharma
Dennis Klett

The current list can be seen here and further speakers may be announced in the coming weeks.

Some juicy facts about the sessions you can share with us?

#Juicy Fact 1
First of all no session will be concurrent. We believe attendees have the right to participate in every presentation, every workshop and every activity without having to decide between one or the other.

#Juicy Fact 2
Secondly VRWS will be a balanced mix of presentations on topics like boosting bookings, panel discussions on industry data, statistics and what the big companies don’t tell you, with a number of industry professionals sharing their take and advice, hands-on workshops on key aspects of running VRs successfully, then networking with peers from around the world, meeting speakers face to face, and shake hands with a few service providers that can help streamline your business.

#Juicy Fact 3
To make VRWS even better, each attendee coming to Barcelona will enter a fantastic prize draw, where everyone in the room will have the chance to win a free stay in a 5 star luxury property, a website revamp, a free 20 minute consultation with a speaker of choice and a few other surprise bonuses that will be announced in the room, so nobody leaves empty handed.

#Juicy Fact 4
Lastly, we’ve managed for attendees to stay in a rental property rather than a hotel room during the event, as we made available a selection of over 250 Barcelona apartments to choose from! After all, it’s the Vacation Rental World Summit, so makes sense to stay in a VR, doesn’t it?

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