At Rentals United we pride ourselves on working with some of the best vacation rental websites out there. We choose our partnerships wisely and make sure that the sales channels we connect with are ones that not only give you a great amount of bookings but that also make your properties look darn good! Here we compiled a list of some, (there are many more!), of the sales channels that we work with and highlighted their unique features and techniques for showing off your amazing rentals!

Holiday Velvet

The name “Holiday Velvet” itself gives the feeling that your vacation rental will be rich and cozy. They have a clever of cementing this feeling with a very classy design and a picture hover we haven’t yet seen before.

Holiday Velvet Sales Channel


The HomeAway listing also stay true to its name and make you feel at home with the “Meet the Property Manager” section. Post a picture of you and make sure to optimise your company’s description to not only attract guests but also to increase your property management’s portfolio.

HomeAway Sales Channel


9Flats displays if the property offers a discount, usually when booking a week or more at a time, as well as the availability for the next 30 days. Both things are great sales techniques that entice the potential guest by highlighting the deal they can snag and the popularity of the property.

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In addition to a great layout, has “6 reasons to choose” your property. This does the selling for you and comes up with reasons that may not have considered.

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We love the layout of because the thumbnail pictures are put in the middle of the larger photo and the price. This unique layout is keeps all of the important information on the same line of sight: the photos and the price.

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Apartmentsapart Puts a floor plan of the apartment on the main booking page. This is very useful for knowing exactly how the property is spatially arranged instead of having to make a mental image in your mind by scrolling through the pictures one by one.

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Roomorama just like HomeAway requires and displays great quality photos. They also show the potential guest just how many people have favorited this property which makes it easy to decide that this is a property you simply cannot pass up.

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Cities Reference

Cities Reference offers visitors a sub-navigation menu that moves with you as you scroll down. This saves potential guests a lot of time researching which gets them booking faster and more often!

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Holiday Lettings

Holiday Lettings is all about giving the potential guest confidence. Being backed by Tripadvisor and having a well advertised payment protection guarantee, gives these weary guests the confidence they need to take this chance and never look back!

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