As part Rentals United commitment to represent quality holiday properties around the world, we created a manifesto for vacation rental owners – a reminder of the standards we ought to adhere to when receiving guests in our holiday homes. Please share if you think that every Vacation Rental Owner should follow the principles in this Manifesto.

vacation rental owner manifesto

The Vacation Rental Owner Manifesto

This is your Vacation Rental do it with what you want.
But always remember that you hold the key to memories of a lifetime.
Show you care.
Keep your amenities in order, your floors very clean and your phone always turned on.
Don’t be late on check-in day. Don’t arrive empty handed.
Good reviews are earned not given.
Invest in technology so you have more time to take care your guests.
Be honest & flexible.
Once a year spend a night in your property. Make it comfortable, a home from home.
React quickly to the complaints you get, sincere apologies can go a long way.
Your rental reflects who you are, so make it extraordinary.

The Vacation Rental Owner Manifesto ©2015 Rentals United

You can purchase a poster here. All profits go to Charity.

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