newsTo kick off the blog we initially posted twice about ourselves. Let’s make this blog a little less ego-centric and talk about the wider picture. What’s trending in #vacationrentals right now?


  • One of the big stories is that vacation rentals are being attacked left right and centre by bureaucrats. Airbnb is petitioning the city of New York not to have to release the names of its owners who operate rentals in the city. Airbnb claims to have generated over $600 billion in new economic activity for the city, but the city fathers are more interested in maintaining the peace. Or carrying out the mandate of the hotel lobby. You decide.



  • While bureaucrats in more upbeat economies busy themselves shutting down a nascent economy, other locations look to vacation rentals in hope of stimulating their economies. My company, Apartmentsapart was approached this week by the Macedonian¬†government to assist them in generating more activity in their vacation rentals sector. These different stories highlight the differing priorities faced by local government which are very dependent on the current state of economic activity.


  • Meanwhile Homeaway is changing its terms and conditions and forcing users off email and into thier control panel under the guise of phishing prevention. Owners are suspicious of their motives. You’ll need a linkedin account to read the discussion.


  • Finally a lively debate among business owners about the future of vacation rentals. Which business model will win? Pay per lead, pay per booking, or pay per listing (Linkedin required)?