We humbly realise that we cannot be the only good resource for your vacation rental industry news : ) so here’s an article packed with places where you can find influencers and keep-up with industry news. From social groups, hashtags and exciting new-comers, these are the resources you ought to follow today for your vacation rental industry trends news.

1. Vacation rental industry trends on Facebook

The Vrtech Facebook group is created for vacation rental professionals and technology companies to discuss innovation. This new group, run by Vrtech Events is private and it’s a mix of polls, tech companies introducing themselves, people asking for advice, great articles related to Vacation Rental Technology and discussions. A must!

2. On Linkedin

This Linkedin group counts 8890 (!) members as of today. Here you’ll find all the industry influencers in the States and abroad. Many discussions fire up and it’s a great place to post your challenges you have and get advice. Make sure your posts are industry related, valuable and original – not everything gets accepted.

3. On Twitter

Twitter is one of the best social networks out there to find vacation rental industry trends. Most industry influencers will be posting updates and retweeting each other. For a good start on people to follow you can go and look at the people we follow and that follow Rentals United. You can also keep up-to-date by following and using vacation rental industry hashtags such as:

4. On Smarthosts

Smarthosts is a platform where anybody can share articles in relation to the vacation rental industry. Smarthosts performs as a vacation rental community where professionals come together and learn and grow from each other. Smarthosts is both a strong marketing channel if you publish articles and a sure place to find informative content.

5. On Google+ Vacation Rental Communities

You may think think that Google + does’t work well as a social network, but when was the last time you checked it out? It has had a bit of a revival lately (we love the look of our revamped Rentals United google + Business page!) and we found some very good “communities” you should subscribe to today:

PS: Are you following the vacation rental blogs we recommended in the past? Are you attending vacation rental events? We hope for two big fat YES!

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