It’s been a busy year for Rentals United and the industry as a whole. Going from conference to conference, constantly reading and learning, making new contacts and discovering new technologies, here’s what we’ve learned about the Vacation Rental industry in 2017.

1. More & More PMS offer direct connections to listing sites

>Find out about the cons of using a PMS for your distribution as opposed to a dedicated Channel Manager for Vacation Rentals (like Rentals United hint hint!)

2. Hotels are ramping up on amenities so do clever property managers

>Read our article on Amazon Echo for vacation rentals & another on vacation rental amenities guests are willing to pay extra for.

3. HomeAway made massive changes to their booking process

>And here’s a step by step guide on how to rank high on HomeAway

4. There’s a worldwide boom in events for vacation rental professionals

>Read about the biggest Vacation Rental events and the intimate ones too.

5. Niche vacation rental websites do drive bookings!

>And here’s a list of those niche vacation rental websites that give our clients bookings.

6. The number of Super-Managers is on the rise

>We uncovered the top 8 of The World’s Largest Vacation Rental Property Managers!

7. A massive study shows that 37% of Property Managers use a Channel Manager today

>Not only that but 41% use a PMS and 13% use a yield manager (unsure what these tech are? Read about these must-have tech here). More stats in our Vacation Rental Tech report. Not using a channel manager yet? This way to >Rentals United Book a Demo

8. More & More vacation rental experts are giving advice – mostly for free

>Check out these 6 education & training sites, these important Twitter accounts and these 7 vacation rental industry influencers.

9. Airbnb says guests from China grew by 500%

>Get ready to receive Chinese travellers: Amenities, how to overcome language barriers and more in this article packed with tips to attract Chinese travellers to your vacation rentals.

10. Rentals United grew by 435% !

>And these are some of the Rentals United team members that made it happen!


What have you learned? Tell us in the comments below!