You know you’ve had a good idea when you start very small and it instantly snowballs into something everyone talks about. This is the story of the Vrtech: a tiny vacation rental industry meetup that started in November 2015 with only a handful of industry professionals attending and in just over 4 months became a major event with 110 vacation rental industry leaders, influencers, bloggers and innovators. Are you looking to organise your own event, workshop or webinar? The founder of the Vrtech (also our CMO!) has some tips.

Rentals United proudly sponsored the last Vrtech event!
Check-out the photos!

1. Defining your goals

Why do want to create this event? Setting a clear goal is vital as all your planning will be to feed that goal. Example goals could be:

– to attract new owners to my property management business
– to get new clients to subscribe to my vacation rental service
– to introduce new services to my existing clients
– to increase brand satisfaction by rewarding my clients
– to get a new stream of income with my event sponsorships
– etc…

2. Don’t make it about you

No one will be interested in an event where one company is the sole focus:

If you’re creating a workshop invite a company that you partner with; if you’re creating an event come up with a topic that people will be interested in; if you’re doing a webinar choose an industry topic to talk about not your own services….

The idea is to always be helpful and never sale.

3. The softwares you’ll need

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 10.34.09
If you’re going to host a physical event advertise it on, it’s a great way to get people to come that may not be in your contact list.

Use periscope to record and publish the live event on twitter.

If you’re going to host a webinar forget expensive softwares and instead opt for Google hangouts.

4. Games and Give Aways

Everyone loves a prezi! Make sure to give something away, think of a simple game that’s somehow travel related.

At the last Vrtech we asked people to write down on their business cards in how many languages they know how to say “vacation rentals” . The more you wrote the more likely you were to win a cool set of headphones. We then pick a card random and the winner had to come on stage and say the translations.

Why headphones? Rentals United wanted to promote their spotify playlist (type Rentals United in the spotify search to listen to our tunes!).

5. Make it viral

Make sure to have a twitter account, a hashtag, a Facebook page. Then provide opportunities for people to post fun photos, for example a large banner with logos where people can stand in front of or fun card board speech bubbles like we had at the last Vrtech. Get creative!

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