New regulations in the vacation rental industry are passed as laws every year affecting property management businesses worldwide. Luckily, many professional associations have emerged with a common goal: supporting the development of vacation rental accommodation. In this article we look at the most important associations worldwide whose commitment lies in lobbying for our market. To help insure that our industry is well represented and understood by law-makers, it is vital to join them in their cause. Here’s a list of Vacation Rental Associations Worldwide that you could easily join today.

1. The Vacation Rental Managers Association (VRMA)

Founded in 1985 in Monterey (California), The Vacation Rental Managers Association is one of the leading organisations in the vacation rental industry. Members of the association benefit from first-rate education, exclusive events and networking, the VRMA is the hub where professionals from around the world meet to share, innovate and strengthen the industry. Discover VRMA membership options here.

2. European Holiday Home Association (EHHA)

The EHHA aims to improve all aspects of the holiday homes sector; regulations, environment, social and economic impact to name a few. Representing the vacation rental associations in Europe, it unites owners and property managers organisations, listing websites and trade associations that operate within the EU countries. For more info check EHHA.

3. Holiday Rental Industry Association (HRIA) – Australia

The HRIA is a vacation rentals association that engages owners, property managers, listing sites and suppliers based in Australia. This network of professionals supports the sustainable growth of the industry and contributes to research. Benefits for members include access to their Code of Conduct, discussion forums, events and networking. Join HRIA.

4. Syndicat des Professionnels de la Location Meublée (SPLM) – France

The Union of Professional Furnished Rentals was created in 2010 by businesses based in Paris, bringing together vacation rentals who intended to establish and improve best practices and share a common standard. SPLM is quickly expanding to represent all major French cities and you can find more info here: SPLM.

5. Verband Deutscher Ferienhausagenturen (VDFA) – Germany

Founded in 1997, the VDFA represents the interests of property managers and vacation rental agencies in Germany and EU countries. As Germany’s oldest holiday home association, it is committed to applying high quality guidelines and selecting only members who meet set requirements and legal standards. Find more info VDFA.

6. Property Managers Italia – Italy

Property Managers Italia
Property Managers Italia are avid promoters of a new form of hospitality for the vacation rental industry. The association unites professionals all over Italy offering operational, educational and legal support. Check the benefits of joining PMI.

7. Federación Española de Asociaciones de Viviendas y Apartamentos Turísticos (FEVITUR) – Spain

The Spanish association of tourist housing and apartments represents over 125,000 vacation rentals across the country. Main objectives of FEVITUR to date include consolidating the short term rental industry and obtaining new regulations to apply all over Spain.


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