It seems not a day goes by in the vacation rentals sphere without something interesting happening. Here’s something that impacts Rentals United users…

Homeaway is testing their new pay per booking model. Here is a press release with some details. What it does not say is that there are 3 other companies in the world testing with Homeaway. One of those is ApartmentsApart, and that test connection is made through Rentals United.

“So what?” I hear you say. Well here is the big deal. When testing is over, any website which is already part of Rentals United will be instantly connectable to Homeaway. So long as Homeaway is happy to work with you, the connection will already be there. And that is the point we have been belabouring for so long: When you make one connection to us, it’s there for ever and whomever we connect thereafter can work with you in a few clicks of the mouse.

Aren’t you glad you work with us now?