You haven’t heard from us on the blog for some time but it doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy beavering away behind the scenes. In fact we have some rather significant news to announce.

Rentals United began as a joint venture between a handful of accommodation providers and vacation rentals agencies to share our own property inventory but we quickly outgrew our original mandate. So great has the demand been from prospective partners for our services that we found ourselves unable to keep up, and with this in mind we have attracted a sizable investment from our new partner with whom we will merge, Holiday Selection AB of Sweden. The new company will be called “Rentals United AB.”

We will use these funds primarily to create a better user interface, speed up the platform, connect more sales channels and property providers and to educate you about who among our partners can serve your interests the best.

A big investment is a vote of confidence in Rentals United and secures our future as a stand alone product. It’s good news for us and great news for our partners who can look forward to better support and faster and better tools. We even hear through the grapevine a large competitor (no names, sorry) intends to “destroy” us. We’re genuinely flattered and we look forward to the challenge!

Finally, we welcome our new CEO Mathias Steyskal and his team from Holiday Selection who will steer us to lucrative partnerships with all of you. Thank you for your support.