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Rebuilding the Short-Term Rental Industry: Experts Predict Post-Crisis Trends

Is your property management business prepared for post-coronavirus-crisis? Here are the predictions of top vacation rental industry experts for what’s to come.

How to find the best vacation rental PMS for business growth

How to Find the Best Vacation Rental PMS for Business Growth

What sets a great property management system apart? Here’s a guide to choosing the best vacation rental PMS to help you scale your business. As a bonus, we’ve also put together a free ebook showcasing some of Rentals United’s PMS partners. Find it all in this blog post.

Vacation Rental Industry Trends and Predictions for 2020

Vacation Rental Industry Trends and Predictions for 2020

Is your property management business prepared for the New Year? Here are the predictions of top vacation rental industry experts for what’s to come in 2020.


3 Short-Term Rental Pricing Hacks for Professional Managers

All successful property managers use smart pricing strategies as a part of their revenue management. Want to learn from them? Check out the top 3 vacation rental pricing hacks that will help you optimise for occupancy and maximise profit!


Vacation Rental Booking Window and Its Impact on Revenue [+ Statistics]

Your booking window, i.e how far in advance do your rentals get booked, is an important metric to consider. Starting with your historical data, and just as importantly, with market statistics. We looked into the current vacation rental booking window with data by Transparent.


Vacation Rental Investment: 10 Funding Options to Grow your Property Management Business

Owning a holiday home is at the top of your wish list? Or perhaps you’re determined to expand your vacation rental portfolio? Here we take a closer look at funding options and the helpful resources available. 


Property Management KPI Tracking for Vacation Rentals

Checking occupancy, revenue vs. profit or listing site commissions is a day-to-day worry and joy for many hospitality professionals. Do you track these metrics? To help you get started with the most important KPIs, get for free our Booking Tracker – a straightforward and efficient spreadsheet, built by a rental owner.


Asociaciones de alquiler vacacional de todo el mundo

Cada año se crea legislación nueva en relación con el alquiler vacacional, una regulación que afecta a empresas de gestión de propiedades de todo el mundo. Afortunadamente, han surgido numerosas asociaciones profesionales con un fin común: apoyar el desarrollo del alojamiento en alquileres vacacionales. En este artículo presentamos las asociaciones más importantes de todo el mundo, cuyo compromiso es el de ejercer presión en favor de nuestro mercado. Para garantizar que nuestro sector esté bien representado y que los legisladores puedan comprenderlo, es esencial unirse por la causa. A continuación proporcionamos una lista de las asociaciones de alquiler vacacional de todo el mundo a las que podría unirse hoy mismo.

vacation rental guest manifesto

Getting your guests to behave!

The success we had with the «Vacation Rental Owner Manifesto» prompted us to do something similar for guests. So we created a manifesto aimed at reminding guests to remind them to take care of our properties, our cherished homes and at times… problematic neighbours :). The «Vacation Rental Guest Manifesto» was then printed on fridge magnets, and we gave thousands away to owners and property managers at the VRMA conference in New Orleans. The feedback was unexpected: We had people running after us asking for more «I have 50 properties, can you give me.. huh… 49 more?!» «These are incredible! Do you sell them?» No, in fact we don’t sell them, they were meant as a gift. So today, we’d like to give everyone the opportunity to print the manifesto for their rentals in a big poster size (A1). Just download it from the article post and give us a thumbs up by sharing!


How to turn your vacation rental into a sales machine

Leonardo da Vinci was able to write with one hand and draw with the other at the same time; let’s hope your skills of managing properties are as impressive. In case they aren’t – hum hum – then the following article with tips of what you can do yourself to improve efficiency and list of companies that you could delegate important work to, is for you. From useful photography ebooks to smart pricing tools & availability management over why you need professional translation, here are essential tips to turn your vacation rental into a sales machine!