How to Get Bookings from Travel Agents- B2B Distribution for Vacation Rentals

How to Get Bookings from Travel Agents: B2B Distribution for Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals have been left out of GDSs and travel agent inventory for too long. Now it’s time to change that. Here’s how you can start getting bookings from B2B travel buyers.


How to Choose the Best Channel Manager for Vacation Rentals

What’s the difference between an average Channel Manager and a great one? The answer is robust, up-to-date API connections. Let’s explore why choosing the right Channel Manager is essential for property managers who want to win at distribution.

The Global Short-Term Rental Technology Report 2020

The Global Short-Term Rental Tech Report 2020: Stats, Trends and Investment

Ever wondered how vacation rental property managers use technology to grow their businesses? After asking hundreds of property managers to share their best practices, we put together a complete analysis of the vacation rental tech space.

how technology has changed vacation rental property management

How Technology Has Changed Vacation Rental Property Management [+Infographic]

The boom of the vacation rental industry has spawned myriads of technology solutions. But do property managers really need to invest in specialised vacation rental software?


Top 50 Vacation Rental Software

Technology is the key to growth in the vacation rental industry. The software solutions that you choose to include in your tech stack could make or break your property management business. Here are the top 50 vacation rental software providers that you should consider when future-proofing your company.


VrTech Startup Competition 2019: Time to Vote for Your Favourite Startup

Here are the 20 startups shortlisted for the 2019 VrTech Startup Competition! These companies are building revolutionary tech solutions that move our industry forward. It’s time to vote for your favourite and see them pitch on stage at the Vacation Rental World Summit!


An Insider’s Guide to Switching Channel Managers

Switching Channel Managers can be a big concern as it implies investing time, money and resources. But if you need help with this process, start with this useful guide that covers all you need to know for a smooth transition.


The difference between Property Management Systems and Channel Managers

As a hospitality professional, chances are you’ve researched which software is best to run your rentals. In this article, we explain the major differences between Property Management Systems and Channel Managers to help you make an informed decision.


The Definitive List of Smart Locks & Keyless Entry Providers

When it comes to vacation rentals, keys are nothing but trouble. They get lost, they need to be handed over in person, and they’re not that safe, either. The solution? Keyless entry with the help of smart locks! Here are the top providers in the smart locks and keyless entry space.


Los 40 Mejores Sistemas de Gestión para Alquiler Vacacional

Elegir un software de gestión del alquiler vacacional para administrar propiedades turísticas es una decisión importante para todos los profesionales de nuestra industria. Aparte de un Channel Manager para marketing y distribución, es probable que urge un sistema de gestión de propiedades (en Inglés, PMS) para administrar actividades diarias y más. En ficción de tu modelo de negocio y sus requisitos, podrías estar buscando un software PMS para automatizar las tareas cotidianas, como la comunicación con los huéspedes, el servicio de limpieza, centralizar reservas, contabilidad y informes. Por otro lado, podrías estar buscando opciones más avanzadas, tal como por ejemplo crear una nueva página web, posicionamiento SEO y administración de contenido, análisis avanzadas, impuestos e incluso informes a las autoridades locales y policía. Encuentra aquí la lista de los 40 mejores Software para Alquiler Vacacional (sin ningún orden en particular) que puedes sincronizar con Rentals United.