We’re often asked by vacation rental owners and managers where to get training & education in order to become more professional. So we went ahead and researched the top 6 resources out there that aim to provide you with the advice you’re looking for – whether it be operational or strategic. These are essential sites by true experts – make sure you subscribe to these Top 5 Education & Training for Vacation Rental Professionals today!


In order to help the vacation rental owners, there is a free source called the VRMB (which stands for “Vacation Rental Marketing Blog”). VRMB provides the industry with truly productive methods in order to close the learning gap between those who run well-known brands and those who are new to the market. A major part of the information is available free of charge – case studies, learning exercises and videos – and you can get dig even deeper by becoming a monthly subscriber to the Inner Circle run by Matt Landau.

Matt’s motto is: “The more we know about the industry, the more we can all grow

2. Rentalpreneurs

Rentalpreneurs mission is to help Vacation Rentals Businesses to save time by implementing simple Marketing Automation. Take your existing marketing efforts and make them more effective with simple courses or with simple ready-made campaigns. These are the 7 proposed marketing goals:

  1. Generate more targeted rental leads
  2. Build a trusted relationship with your leads
  3. Nurture leads to get them ready to book
  4. Close more bookings online or on the phone
  5. Upsell insurance policies and concierge services
  6. Reactivate leads who inquired but did not book
  7. Generate repeat business

3. Vacation Rental Formula

The founders of the Vacation Rental Formula come with extensive hands-on experience in the industry: they own 7 rentals and manage over 200! This education & training site for vacation rentals provides:

Vacation Rental Success Podcast
Now you can easily get the latest updates while you are having a walk with your pet, driving a car or even at the gym with the help of just an earpiece. With the tips and useful techniques from those who are the successful owners and industry experts, no episode should be missed.

Case studies
Read the case studies and find out how other people’s experiences can be applied to your challenges as a vacation rental professional.

Vacation Rental Action Plans
In order to get the most relevant strategies, tips and techniques to boost your business, get the membership and give your business a new feel with the help of those who are expert in this field.

4. Padlifter

The main aim of Padlifter is to help you with your Airbnb marketing. With years of practice they’re confident to provide you with the following expert advice:

  • Creating the perfect Airbnb profile
  • Showcase your skills or expertise to cope with the competition
  • Finding the best practice to increase the potential to earn

5. VRM Intel

VRM Intel was created to provide industry-specific news, information, resources, and trends for vacation rental managers.

Their mission is to provide the most relevant and timely news and information to professional property managers with the goal of growing their business. Property managers and suppliers are invited to engage and comment on posts, submit press releases and share essential industry information. Their website is divided into 8 sections: Overall News, Marketing, Tech, OTAs, Customer Service, Regs, Housekeeping and Education. This is an essential news resource for any professional in the vacation rental industry.

6. Vacation Rentals Secret

Vacation Rental Secrets is a consulting company which aim is to train vacation rental owners on how to increase their rental properties’ performance.

Antonio, the founder, is a veteran in the Vacation Rental Sector, being a property owner and manager since longer than 10 years as well as the host of the VR summit, one of the most important educational events in the industry. He provides 1to1 consultancy sessions and online courses (his well-known “Fully Booked Formula”), as well as organizing comprehensive programs of workshops and seminars across the UK and Europe. Check out his first-class educational material in Vacation Rental Secret’s website.


Have you ever used one of these helpful education & training sites? What have you learned and applied? Tell us below!