If you’re serious about standing out from your competition, getting traffic to your website, delighting your guests and encouraging repeat customers, one way to go: creating fresh relevant digital content. We give you the how, why and even a cheat-sheet in this article packed with useful information on content marketing for vacation rentals.

1. Content marketing to influence travelers to come to your destination

While the travel path to purchase has become very complex, travellers tend to start their destination search on search engines… and they also search for accommodation! We learned from Google at the Australian RezFest that 37% of travellers start their accommodation search on Google. Followed by 15% on travel agent websites.

This is your opportunity to create fresh and exciting destination-specific content that Google will deem relevant to show in their search result.

2. Content Marketing to delight your current guests

A good content marketing strategy is not just focused on attracting guests, it also aims to delight the guests that do book with you. Point your guests to your blog telling them it is filled with YOUR local tips.

3. Content Marketing for repeat guests

Imagine you had a fantastic time in Paris during your last holiday. You cherish these wonderful memories and have fallen in love with the city. Wouldn’t you like to get more local tips for your next visit? Stay in the know of what is going on? The new places to be and be seen? By sending your past guests your exciting local articles you’re reminding them of good memories and … of your brand!

Mix emailing your local content with special offers and personal notes for the start of great loyalty program!

4. Content Marketing to grow your email list

So you now came up with relevant and exciting local tips, google decided to make you rank and you get visitors to your blog. They may or may not be ready to book with you so ideally, you’d like their email for future purchase. The trick here is to offer extra content – substantial content that you’re prepared to give them in exchange of their email. People are OK giving their email if they feel they get value.

These can take various forms:

4.1. Ebooks

Ask visitors to your blog to download your very well researched local guide book, an easy all-in-one information package. Or you could make several different eBooks: one focusing on attractions, one on To-Do’s, another on restaurants, one on hiking trails or activities, you name it!

4.2. Quizzes

Create a quiz about your destination and show the answer only after their email. Example “Which Paris quarter is for you?

4.3 Assessments

Assessments could be about testing people knowledge of your destination. Show the score after they leave their email. Example “Test of your knowledge of the history of Paris”.

4.4. Configurators

Help people pack for your destination for example and ask for their email before you show the list. Example “What do I need to bring to Paris?

5. Social media to grow your visitors

Now you have this fantastic content you finally have something else to post on social media than bathroom pics :)! In fact, it is vital that you post all your articles on social media and get clicks because this will signal to Google that your content is relevant and it will be easier to rank high. Remember, that people on social media don’t click on generic dull link titles, they want juicy fun facts and tips! This should drive how you create your content 😉

What you need to be a successful content marketer ⤵

Do you have any content marketing tips of your own? Comment them below!


  • Property Providers Sydney

    Nice post Vanessa, we have finally been able to plug in a blog to Yesbookit (it has been a year!) so we are getting ready to start posting content. It would be great if you could provide some advise and direction to Harriet and I on how to set up a roadmap of meaningful content. We are trying to figure out who are we writing this for (owners, guests, investors, industry etc). What I would like to do is get a content calendar together so that we can align this with our social and ppc efforts. Not sure if you have things you ca share.

  • Sure I’ll be happy to help! I’m already in touch with Harriet via email. Regarding your question about targeting I would advise to have different blogs for different purposes. Your travellers will not be interested in receiving industry news or investor news. They want Sydney stories. So if you’re looking to increase bookings and satisfaction I would advise targeting the blog on Sydney – insider tips. Hope this helps!

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