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Top 5 mistakes (not only) new vacation rental owners make

We’d like to think that we’ve compiled a list of mistakes that only new vacation rental owners make… Yet the reality is that some of these mistakes are done by experienced ones too. Everyday we hear of people not reaching 75% occupancy rate because of their poor distribution network; too many times do we get asked what a PMS is and why they’re useful; and oh so often do we read bad reviews because of poor check-ins. So whether new or experienced, these are some of the mistakes you ought to avoid making… now!


5 easy and effective upselling ideas for vacation rental owners

Have you heard of that hotel in Maastricht that allows you to rent a goldfish for the night so you don’t feel so alone?! Pictures of the little red fish went round the social networks like craaaazy. Ideas like these are pure genius and not just because of the increase in revenue, but because they also build brand loyalty and awareness.

Thankfully the upselling ideas we came up with are somewhat easier to put in practice… Promise you won’t need to steal the goldfish from your kids bedroom!

Online booking vacation rentals

Q&A with Pros: Online booking versus personal sale, which will prevail?

I’m sure you’ve heard the recent news that Priceline hit 100 MILLION ROOM NIGHTS BOOKED in this 1st quarter of 2015. You’ve heard it and you’re now very eager to get your vacation rentals on (as you know we can make this happen!). On the other hand, Priceline and other giants like Tripadvisor are also very eager to get YOU on board, the pressure is on: they must keep on growing. So… with so much interest from both sides to make things work, you could easily foresee that just like the hotel industry we’re moving to a pure online booking landscape… or are we? I’ve asked my fellow industry pros at Rentals United what they thought this.


Property Management Systems: 5 reasons you need one

We’re no doctors but there are certain sure physical signs that a Vacation Rental Manager needs a Property Management System. If you’re scratching your head wondering what a PMS is, or if you do know but are not using one yet, we very much advise you to read on. You may find trashing the old excel sheet daunting but if you’re experiencing any of these dreadful symptoms, it could be that you’re ripe for a move!

welcome pack ideas

Welcome pack ideas for vacation rental pros

You think of yourself as a pro, we think of you as a pro, but do your customers think of you as a pro? A great welcome pack contributes giving YOU the recognition you deserve and not just because of the quality of your rentals. Of course, you already have a welcome pack, and it’s pretty good: it has house rules, a copy of all the appliances’ instructions, the wifi password, emergency numbers, a metro map, flyers on popular attractions… Yes, but no, that won’t get you remembered for good customer service. So here are some juicy welcome pack ideas for those vacation rental pros that like returning customers and great reviews.

common vacation rental laws

Most common vacation rental laws that could affect you tomorrow

Guests in their pyjamas being evicted of their short-lets in Amsterdam… Property owners fined €30K in Barcelona… Tax inspectors following travellers in the street of Paris, trying to find out to what apartment rental they go to… Horror stories you think? No, local laws cracking down on illegal vacation rentals is a reality.


The 4-hour-week of a forward-thinking vacation rental manager

Picture this: the alarm clocks rings at 9am, you don’t have to get out the house to the office because you don’t even need an office. You spend the next hour on the laptop still in your pyjamas, using the vacation rental management tools and services we recommend below. Then the day is yours: go do a quality-check of your properties or go to the cinema, it’s your business. At night you come back to check your earnings and the wonderful reviews people leave about your vacation homes. You smile, relaxed, all is well in perfect world. Sounds too good to be true? Read on.


How to price your vacation rental? Online tools that have the answer

Have you heard of these softwares that have recently entered the vacation rental market and promise to improve your rental rates? Just stick in your AirBnB Id or HomeAway url, et voilà! Sell more nights at the right price.


Increase vacation rentals bookings: 5 expert tips

Here’s our list of tips to help you increase your vacation rental bookings in 2015.


Internet of things: Security for your vacation rental in 2015

Said to add $14.2 trillion to the global economy by 2030, the Internet of Things or Smart Home devices connected