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Vacation Rentals listing websites

Vacation Rental Websites that Get It Right

At Rentals United we pride ourselves on working with some of the best vacation rental websites out there. We choose our partnerships wisely and make sure that the sales channels we connect with are ones that not only give you a great amount of bookings but that also make your properties look darn good! So we’ve compiled a list of some, (there are many more!), of the sales channels that we work with and highlighted their unique features and techniques for showing off your amazing rentals!


The VRMA 2015 in Pictures

The VRMA 2015 conference is the number 1 event for Vacation Rental Professionals around the world. It took place in


The History of Vacation Rentals – Infographic

The story of how a new type of getaway became the best way to getaway. In our fast and innovative industry of vacation rentals, here’s a free ride in our time machine that will take you all the way back to the beginning of the history of vacation rentals.  Find out how the first vacation homes evolved into hundreds and thousands of online rentals ready for bookings! And… it’s all in a very easy-to-read infographic for you (nearly as good as a FREE ride, right?!) Bon voyage!


How to turn your vacation rental into a sales machine

Leonardo da Vinci was able to write with one hand and draw with the other at the same time; let’s hope your skills of managing properties are as impressive. In case they aren’t – hum hum – then the following article with tips of what you can do yourself to improve efficiency and list of companies that you could delegate important work to, is for you. From useful photography ebooks to smart pricing tools & availability management over why you need professional translation, here are essential tips to turn your vacation rental into a sales machine!


5 Killer Interior Design Tips for your Vacation Rentals

Interior designing a vacation rental can be a difficult task. Knowing the tastes of all the different types of people that will be staying there is frankly, impossible. Having the time to do it, when we barely have time to eat breakfast on most days, is potentially an even greater challenge. But unfortunately there isn’t an app for growing money (yet?!) so investing in your vacation rental is the next best thing. Read on for some killer creative and simple design ideas that will not only turn your rental into something straight out of a magazine but will also put you on track to get more bookings than Copacabana on New Year’s Eve!


The Vacation Rental Owner Manifesto

As part Rentals United commitment to represent quality holiday properties around the world, we created a manifesto for vacation rental owners – a reminder of the standards we ought to adhere to when receiving guests in our holiday homes. Please share if you think that every Vacation Rental Owner should follow the principles in this Manifesto.


Vacation Rental Marketing: the 5 most asked questions – answered

We got THE vacation rental marketing expert, Matt Landau, to answer the 5 most asked questions owners and managers have about vacation rental marketing, namely: “What softwares should I use?”, “What pricing strategy should I have?”, “What websites should I advertise on?”, “How can I get guests in low season?”, “How can I get repeat guests?”. Get ready for quick, to-the-point answers to help you improve your sales now.

Vacation rental industry stats infographic cover

Key vacation rental industry stats (Infographic)

Are you performing better than the “average owner” in the vacation rental industry? Have a look at some key vacation rental industry stats and decide for yourself. Find out how much income owners make on average, how much they spend on marketing, what amenities motivate travelers to book, the key reasons why they choose vacation rentals over hotels… and more! Plus, it’s all laid out in a nice infographic! Enjoy 🙂


4 easy tips to improve guest satisfaction in vacation rentals

Customer satisfaction… a large and much debated topic by pretty much everyone in the hospitality industry. Our success as vacation rental professionals largely depends on getting good reviews from customers, so to surprise and delight them is absolutely paramount. Today we got James C. Sells (who also writes for with his years of experience in the vacation rental industry to shed some light on the subject. So read on for 4 easy tips to improve the guest satisfaction in your vacation rentals.


5 easy ways to increase your property management portfolio

With the low season looming (at least in most of Europe) it is a good time to start hunting for new product for your vacation rental portfolio. While this post is mainly aimed at professionals that manage the properties of private owners, it also has tips that private owners may capitalise on, like best practices on google plus and an innovative start-up that help you find property managers (they’ve even given us a special discount code so you can try them right-away!). So read on for some easy and cheap ways to increase your vacation rental portfolio.