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12 Powerful Airbnb tips for Property Managers [Interview]

This is an exclusive interview with James McClure, Airbnb’s General Manager for Northern Europe. In this article James sheds the light on 12 key Airbnb features that were created for property managers in mind. A giant in the vacation rental industry, Airbnb grew from 10 million guests in 2014 to an incredible 100 million in 2016. If that’s not reason enough to advertise your vacation rentals on Airbnb, read on for a further 12 powerful insights James has for you.

vacation rental amenities

8 vacation rental amenities guests are willing to pay extra for

Whether you’re looking to potentially raise the price of your property or increase those low season bookings, revising your vacation rental amenities is an absolute must. So what is it that guests are looking for when booking a place over another? What are the triggers that make them choose your vacation rental? We found THE 6 amenity types that make heads turn.


Why you need to attend the Vacation Rental World Summit

For the last 2 years, The Vacation Rental World Summit has purely been an online event… with no less 15,000+ attendees! This year, the founder Antonio Bortolotti, takes it for its first in person event in Barcelona. Expect 2 highly engaging and interactive days of workshops, discussions and help sessions by THE top performing expert in the vacation rental industry – including our very own CMO Vanessa. The catch? Only 100 places available.


The Distribution Strategy of a Successful Property Manager [Video]

When we ask Jaume’s from Bizflats what his distribution strategy is, the answer was straightforward: trying many websites and making decisions based on data not intuition. He turned to Rentals United Channel Manager to ease the entire process of finding channels, testing them and maximising their revenues. Here’s the very insightful interview no property manager should miss out on.

vacation rental services

18 Seriously Useful Services for your VR Business [Infographic]

We scanned the Vacation Rental market and came up with 18 categories of businesses that help vacation rental property managers and owners streamline their businesses. These can be grouped into 3 top-level categories: Marketing, Guest Management and Business tools. With high season starting for most, are you taking advantage of all the help out there?

interactive floor plans

3 Interactive Floor Plans Providers

Proven to increase vacation rental reservations and revenues, interactive floor plans have been a selling tactic for real estate companies for years but the buzz has just started in our industry. Some online marketplaces will allow you to link directly to your interactive floor plans but not all yet! We need to join together and request channels implement this feature! Here are 3 companies that we recently came across that offer interactive and 2D floor plan services.


8 Things Hotel Websites do to Generate Direct Bookings

The vacation rental industry has a great advantage: it can look at what the hotel industry does right & wrong and learn from it. This is what we’re proposing today: let’s look together at hotel website trends. How are they growing their direct bookings? We’ve discovered 8 definite trends that you could easily implement on your vacation rental website today.


Vacation Rental Videos: What Works and What Doesn’t

Many of us have attempted to make a vacation rental video but few of us have been happy with the result. Let’s face it: filming a house or an apartment makes for a rather boring movie. Or does it? We’ve analysed 4 Vacation Rental Videos found on youtube and came up with a definite list of Do’s and Don’ts for your next attempt 🙂


Automatic Pricing for Vacation Rentals [2016 Update]

Last April 2015 we wrote an article on how some clever start-ups were helping you to optimise your rates the automatic way. The article sparked quite a few comments on LinkedIn: “No single property is the same, they cannot be compared!” “Easter is unpredictable. How do you price that?”. Forward a year later and it seems our industry is now more open to adopt dynamic pricing, even if not 1 solution is perfect. Without a doubt it is one of the big topics of 2016. So we had another look at the yield management softwares that are making the news.


The Recipe for a Successful Vacation Rental Event

You know you’ve had a good idea when you start very small and it instantly snowballs into something everyone talks about. This is the story of the Vrtech: a tiny vacation rental industry meetup that started in November 2015 with only a handful of industry professionals attending and in just over 4 months became a major event with 110 vacation rental industry leaders, influencers, bloggers and innovators. Are you looking to organise your own event, workshop or webinar? The founder of the Vrtech (also our CMO!) has some tips.