The 4-hour-week of a forward-thinking vacation rental manager

Picture this: the alarm clocks rings at 9am, you don’t have to get out the house to the office because you don’t even need an office. You spend the next hour on the laptop still in your pyjamas, using the vacation rental management tools and services we recommend below. Then the day is yours: go do a quality-check of your properties or go to the cinema, it’s your business. At night you come back to check your earnings and the wonderful reviews people leave about your vacation homes. You smile, relaxed, all is well in perfect world. Sounds too good to be true? Read on.


Increase vacation rentals bookings: 5 expert tips

Here’s our list of tips to help you increase your vacation rental bookings in 2015.


Internet of things: Security for your vacation rental in 2015

Said to add $14.2 trillion to the global economy by 2030, the Internet of Things or Smart Home devices connected

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The Trouble With Channel Managers

Marketing If you are a hotelier or a vacation rentals property manager you’ll be very familiar with the marketing problems


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Declining Income Doesn’t Have To Mean Declining Quality

Apartmentsapart, a serviced apartments provider I have an interest in, was hit quite hard in 2008 when the recession began.


What Different Sales Channels Cost in Europe

I see over and over people discussing which sales channels are best. Of course there is no simple answer –

price parity

Rate Parity Is Evil

Rate parity is the process by which travel agents force hoteliers to give them a price no higher than it