How to price your vacation rental? Online tools that have the answer

Have you heard of these softwares that have recently entered the vacation rental market and promise to improve your rental rates? Just stick in your AirBnB Id or HomeAway url, et voilà! Sell more nights at the right price.


Increase vacation rentals bookings: 5 expert tips

Here’s our list of tips to help you increase your vacation rental bookings in 2015.

holiday rental channel managers

The Trouble With Channel Managers

Marketing If you are a hotelier or a vacation rentals property manager you’ll be very familiar with the marketing problems


Time For Free Online Travel Agents

This article first appeared on Linkedin. MOST PEOPLE IN MY NETWORK are au fait with the travel industry and its quirks,


40% Of Our Traffic Is Mobile

I was surprised but it’s true. Well I am speaking about Apartmentsapart; we have not run the stats yet on


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Dispelling the myths about holiday rental licences in Spain

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Everyone is an amateur photographer, but when it comes to your business poor photos cost you money. The secret of


What Sells?

We’re planning a short series of blog posts on how to improve conversions. First up: What sells? Let’s get straight