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Vacation Rental Industry Events You Can’t Afford to Miss in 2017

At Rentals United we strongly believe that in order to be a high performer in the Vacation Rental Industry, it’s not enough to occasionally read articles or try new softwares at random… In an increasingly competitive industry, to be at the top of your game you need to attend events and network with industry peers. So without further ado, here’s the list of the most important vacation rental industry events in 2017 you can’t afford to miss – we see you there!


Keeping Up-To-Date with Vacation Rental Industry Trends

We humbly realise that we cannot be the only good resource for your vacation rental industry news : ) so here’s an article packed with online resources where you can find influencers and keep-up with industry news. From social groups, hashtags and exciting new-comers, these are the resources you ought to follow today!


Why you need to attend the Vacation Rental World Summit

For the last 2 years, The Vacation Rental World Summit has purely been an online event… with no less 15,000+ attendees! This year, the founder Antonio Bortolotti, takes it for its first in person event in Barcelona. Expect 2 highly engaging and interactive days of workshops, discussions and help sessions by THE top performing expert in the vacation rental industry – including our very own CMO Vanessa. The catch? Only 100 places available.


The Recipe for a Successful Vacation Rental Event

You know you’ve had a good idea when you start very small and it instantly snowballs into something everyone talks about. This is the story of the Vrtech: a tiny vacation rental industry meetup that started in November 2015 with only a handful of industry professionals attending and in just over 4 months became a major event with 110 vacation rental industry leaders, influencers, bloggers and innovators. Are you looking to organise your own event, workshop or webinar? The founder of the Vrtech (also our CMO!) has some tips.


The vacation rental events you can’t afford to miss in 2016

At Rentals United we love events! Every time we come back with new ideas, new contacts and a real boost in energy… no, nothing beats meeting people face-to-face! So here’s a list of the most important conferences for Vacation Rental Professionals. Some are just travel orientated but every time we go we meet familiar people from the industry. Find out which ones interest you most and… we see you there!


10 things we learned about vacation rentals this year

The vacation rental industry is maturing… are you maturing with it? After a year of living and breathing vacation rentals, here are our findings about the state of the industry today. We include immediate action points for you to stay up on the main trends.


Running a vacation rental business: most shared articles of 2015

2015 has been packed with events, new trending topics, new tech, new apps… and a great year for the Rentals United Blog. At the beginning of 2015 we revamped it and have ben packing it with information about running a vacation rental business ever since! Today we had a look back & it was emotional… 🙂 So which vacation rental tips and hacks were most appreciated buy our readers? There’s a bit of everything: stats, infographics, interviews and a video… You’ll laugh at some and reflect on others. Thank you for being our faithful subscriber & bring on 2016! We’re ready!!


The VRMA 2015 in Pictures

The VRMA 2015 conference is the number 1 event for Vacation Rental Professionals around the world. It took place in


Q&A with Pros: What can we learn from the hotel industry?

Our three interviewees are confident we have something solid over the hotel industry… Richard Vaughton puts it this way “We may have disturbed sleeping giants”… Nevertheless, how can we sustain our rapid growth? What are the things we need to look out for? Read on to see how our 3 Vacation Rental Pros compare us to the hotel industry – With Richard Vaughton (Discovery Holiday Homes), Shaun Stewart (AirBnB) and Mike Donelly (ApartmentsApart).

Online booking vacation rentals

Q&A with Pros: Online booking versus personal sale, which will prevail?

I’m sure you’ve heard the recent news that Priceline hit 100 MILLION ROOM NIGHTS BOOKED in this 1st quarter of 2015. You’ve heard it and you’re now very eager to get your vacation rentals on (as you know we can make this happen!). On the other hand, Priceline and other giants like Tripadvisor are also very eager to get YOU on board, the pressure is on: they must keep on growing. So… with so much interest from both sides to make things work, you could easily foresee that just like the hotel industry we’re moving to a pure online booking landscape… or are we? I’ve asked my fellow industry pros at Rentals United what they thought this.